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Posted by Turd on the run on August 13, 2000 at 04:16:42:

First, let me apologize for taking so damned long in replying to this. Wouldn't you know, the one time someone posts something I can actually add to, is the week that I have no access to a computer.

Secondly, I feel the need to respond to a question that was posted to the original discussion(
Sir Stonesalot asked, "So us non-guitar players are unable to assess talent properly? ". To Sir I say, no, you can not. Rather than try to explain why the opinion of a picker is completely different than that of a non-picker, I offer a challenge. Go to your nearest pawn shop, buy one of those used jap-strats they always have for $200 or less, and try to play for a minimum of one month. If at the end of that time you do not have a radically different perspective, I will give you a formal apology.

Before reading my additions to the dissections of Keith, Mick, Brian, and Ronnie's strong points, I recommend reading The Jimmy Whitley's reply to the original post( Be forewarned, I will be using slang terms indigenous to musicians. If this offends you then piss-off and go visit that furniture-porn site instead.

strengths-Lead fills, sadly this seems to be a lost art since the late sixties, but Keith still throws these short bursts in between verses. -Incredibly flexible right hand. -Fingerpicking, perhaps the most overlooked aspect of his playing(note: all of the songs jimmy listed as the hardest to play feature this). -Acoustic guitar, not only does this instrument showcase his uncanny rhythm work, but most of his best melodic lines have been on acoustic.
Weaknesses-Stiff left hand, 'though on occasion he can get some descent vibrato going. -Seems stuck in the box scale.

Strengths-Lead fills, the staple of two-guitar-weaving. -The uncanny ability to learn any instrument just by looking at it.
Weaknesses-Short attention span, once he felt competent on an instrument he pretty much abandoned it.

Strengths-another superb acoustic player. -Extremely flexible left wrist, broad yet even vibrato on par with B. B. King. -Fluid improviser.
Weaknesses-Tendency to overplay, uses to many empty notes to emphasize his statements. -Often thinks of his soloing first, band second, song structure last. The larger the band grew the less he fit in, better suited to a power trio than the orchestra the Stones tour with now.

Strengths-Delicate rhythm player on both electric and acoustic guitar, fits in well on ballads.
Weaknesses-As far as I know has never played lead. -Not dedicated, rarely plays.

Strengths-Lead fills. -Slide rhythm. -Band player, knows he's third banana and doesn't try to overshadow Mick or Keith. -Makes up for weak vibrato with very nice trills. -Strong acoustic player, sadly he hasn't played a lot of 12-string since he left the Faces. -Used to play great slashing leads.
Weaknesses-Band player to a fault, the more people on stage the less he plays. -Attacks solos more aggressively than his ability allows for. -Too much of an oldies and r&b fan to fit in with the more modern sound the Stones are trying for. -Often traps himself in the box scale. -Would rather be painting.

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