Stones Top 10 Song List According To Keith Richards

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Posted by Keno on July 27, 2000 at 18:36:36:

Today I was cleaning out a closet in my house and I found a bunch of old Rolling Stone Mags from the late 80s and early 90s. Of course the music freak in me got me sidetracked by this and I started to look over a few of them. Then in an old issue from 1990 I found something of intrest. It was Keef's top 10 list of Stones songs! It seems that since lists of different kinds are something that many here like to post about and argue about,why not hear from The Man himself? Let me warn a few of you Keef fans that you are not gonna like this list at all. I say that because it seem that Mr Riffhard has the same kinda picks that me and a few others here choose. Remember a few months ago I got a mild blast of flames from some of my fellow posters here because I claimed some of my favorite songs are on Hot Rocks? Then this week Jagged Mick took a hit for going for "Top Ten type of songs" in his music list. Well check out Keith's list! Like I already said, it don't really matter what anyone really thinks, but does it matter what Keef thinks? Well it just proves that it isn't a crime to love the "hits"! I'll also just say that I'm glad old Keith agrees with me for the most part, six of his ten picks are on my list! So anyway, for what its worth, here is what Keef had to say in '90.

Keith Richard's Top Ten Stones Songs List

1) Jumping Jack Flash
2) Street Fighting Man
3) (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
4) Honky Tonk Woman
5) Gimme Shelter
6) Sympathy For The Devil
7) Midnight Rambler
8) Brown Sugar
9) Ruby Tuesday
10) I Got The Blues

Only number ten isn't on Hot Rocks! I feel vindicated! Thanks Keef!

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