My Milwaukee Review, part 1

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Posted by Dandelion on February 21, 1999 at 13:11:58:

The show at the Bradley Center was great, but they left out Saint of Me. FPM noticed they were crossing off and changing _a lot_ of the set list on the clear shield surrounding Charlie's drums. Most significant issue with the show though, was: Mick needs a new hair conditioner. Static electricity. Needs some of that leave in conditioner stuff.

Mick looks great. Reviewers who say he looks old have either an agenda, or
bad seats. Keith looks old, but great in an old gypsy way. Of course, the picture
on the front page of one of the local Milwaukee papers (forgot which) is one that
makes Mick look old. It is a press conspiracy. I believe Jerry Hall has secretly
invested in and bought up most of the newspapers in this country and England, in
a Machiavellian attempt to keep Mick from appearing attractive to younger models.

Elizabeth, Mick's daughter, was there. After we left the front row to go to
the B-stage, then got back, some nasty people tried to sneak into the front row.
At first it was a bit crowded when we got back, and this middle aged woman
next to me was jumping around and smashing me with her watermelon breast
and arms. I was not happy. I had no reason for most of the show to look in that
direction, but when I did I noticed a pretty young girl wearing a orangey coloured shirt and long
black scarf. She was in a little section just off the front row side along with the
opening act Wide Mouth Mason. As she leapt back stage, her backstage pass
swung around. I figured it must be either Elizabeth, or that Bill Wyman was
going to make a surprise visit. The paper mentioned some deal with Mick and the
black scarf, but FPM has the paper, so he will have to give details. I forgot.

Peachy Kinda Girl (aka Junky Nurse) was two seats away from us. Small world.
The lady in-between dated Mickey Taylor (as she called him) when he was with
John Mayall.

Ron's side is the place to be. Everyone was over there. The band seemed very
close, not only because of the smaller stage, but because they seemed to stick

Sexually ambiguous moments reported for the Storm:

Memory Motel. When Keith sings "She's got a mind of her own....," each time
Mick does this bitchy back to the audience arms crossed stance. It's pretty
funny. Out of Control. Keith gets _behind_ Mick and aims and thrusts his
guitar a few inches from Mick's arse. Then he does this foot waving thing at it.
Andy Warhol is looking down from the heavens and smiling.

Paint it Black was excellent. The lighting effects at the end were very reminiscent
of the old Michael Lindsey Hogg directed Ready Steady Go segment. They
recreated the jump cut editing quite well in live time. Very impressive.

I'll write more later.

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