It;'s Friday Night..........

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Posted by Maxlugar on June 23, 2000 at 20:35:25:

.....and Maxy's head is swimming.

I worked late. Workin' for the MAN.

Maxy was way too uppity to go right home afterwards though.

So what did I do?

I stopped by Names and Faces Lounge on 54th st. Oh yeah THAT Names and Faces. The one with the big painting of the Rolling Stones on the wall. It's the inside pciture of the B2B shot. Only this artist was Stones savy enough to add Bill's face on it. I sat there and had three Heineken's. Then I went back to Queens and stopped by McGann's Bar and Grill.


Because they have Exile on Main Friggin' Street on the Juke box. That's why.

Maxy fed ten dollars into the sacred bleeding heart of Jesus and listened to the whole friggin' thing + High Tides and Green Grass.

Oh yeah, I did. I sat down at a table in the back and watched the scene. Preceding Exile was a whole lot of Kid Rock and assorted other asshole bands. The youngin's were loving that crap. But when Exile came on there was a look of confusion amoung the crowd. But as time went on I saw many a foot a tappin'. I even heard an older barmaid singing Torn and Frayed and when Sweet Black Angel came on I heard her say "Yes!"

Maxlugar: Converting the unwashed masses one bar at a time.

So as I sit here drinking a Vodka and Snapple I think about the recent week of Stones posting. Moonlightmile joining the Gas Gas Gas Kinkily Coat Mafia. Others have realized they have always been members. I think of Joey and his misguided love for the Who. I think of Sugar Blue's amazing Howard Carter-like find of that great Who article that says all that I've been thinking privately about them.

I think of the BCI and the MBCI and laugh.

For it is laughter that keeps Maxy coming back to this board. God I love you all. We have gone over all the Stones topics numerous times but it is the unbelievable humor that keeps me coming back. Don't ever straighten up, it wouldn't suit you.

Handsome Girls is on for the umpteenth Friday night at the Lugar houshold. The BCI is teetering into MBCI.

Hal Ashby did not do us proud with his film but I still love it. It could have been better, yes. But I still love the film. Mick was great on that tour with his barking and Charlie was kickin' it big time.

Did anyone see the VH1 show the other night with the Greast Badasses of all time? Keith was tied with Keith Moon and John Bonham for second place. But they didn't show Keith bashing the dude over the head at Hampton '81! That was his crowning acheivment as far as I'm concerned. And what did.....Oh shit I can't remember his name...the guy with the big thick neck...shit!... He does that tune Liar.....Fuck...anyway, what did that guy say about Keith being a fake badass because he got his herion via fedex. What the fuck. Here VH1 is proclaiming Keith Richards badass #2 and they have a guy on telling everyone he is not a bad ass. FUCKING ROLLING STONES BIAS AGAIN!!!! Maybe its the high BCI in me but I'd love to kill him. Right after another Vodka and Snapple.

By the way, I am drunk and not proof reading this posts so blow me.

Well my message board bothers and siters, I am off.

Off to watch Seattle '81. Oh yeah the concert from '81 where Mick diggs down deep and gives us the scratchy from the gut vocal that you haven't heard since '72.

Have a great Friday night.

May your ears cum with "The Drive" tonight.

In case you haven't paid attension the drive is a formula that goes like this: Charlie Watts + Bill Wyman x Keith Richards = The DRIVE.

Slappily Yours,


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