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Posted by StonesDoctor on June 21, 2000 at 21:39:51:

In Reply to: Who, Stones, Beatles and Zep posted by Mr. D. on June 20, 2000 at 16:17:34:

OKAY!..Here we go.......

Beatles: One forgets that before Epstein cleaned them up, they were as dirty and nasty as the Stones [one of Lennons MANY frustrations..]. Also they were a KILLER live band at one point too-it's not their fault that after early 1963, no one wanted to listen anymore. I love these guys too, although PEPPER kinda ruined [a a lot of rock music] them in a way, making themselves [and a lot of groups] over-dub happy, whereas the Stones have always been acutely aware of the necessity of the ensamble feel in the studio As songwrites, L/M have no peers, again withte caveat that after PEPPER it was more like, "This is Johns song,' "this is Pauls song," etc. As far as Ringo is concerned, just comfort yourself with the knowledge he was the BEST drummer in Liverpool at the time! [no WONDER the Mersey Sound died a quick death....]

The Who: Next to the Stones, prob my second faves. They are another case of their most famous work (TOMMY), not necessarily being their best-SELL OUT is more cohesive! Pete is definately an A-1 songwriter, BUT, as Keith chided him once in an interview "Pete thinks about things too much!"-never quite letting his instincts run free...who else would try to do this grand Wagnerian concept album [QUAD], while your recording studio is still being built?? And as hard as some of their live stuff is, it still sounds a bit hollow to the Stones' two guitar attack.....theres a reason the Stones incited RIOTS in the early days..

Zep- wellll...Im still TRYING to get into these IS a bit dated...its very easy to do a fairly good imitation of them [ just look at just about every band from the last 10 years...], and since they never had that live experience as a band to start, it always rings a bit..uh...hollow..Their live stuff has always disappointed me...a bit thin...a bit bombastic [who REALLY wants to hear a 20 minute drum solo???]..never really meshes live for me...[In fact, that one show where Page played with the Black Crowes sounded AWESOME- he actually had a real rhythm section to support him!]It would have really interesting to see what Zep would have been like if it had been Entwhistle and Moonie..

And as far as the Dead are comcerned..any group where the audience is much more entertaining than the band onstage......wellllll....

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