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Posted by Keno on June 20, 2000 at 21:21:32:

In Reply to: Who, Stones, Beatles and Zep posted by Mr. D. on June 20, 2000 at 16:17:34:

Welcome to the board Mr D....

:I think Townshend is the most talented individual of the 4 groups. He certainly is the best songwriter.

No way on both counts, IMO. He's a damn good songwriter, but throughout the years Jagger/Richards have been the better. In the 60s, no one beat Lennon/McCartney
Most talented individual? Jagger, Richards, Jones, Lennon, McCartney and Page, just from the bands you bring up are more talented or at least as talented as Townshend, IMO. I can think of a few others in rock who also have as much or more talent. That's not to take anything away for Pete's greatness, he is a great musician and songwriter.

:I would never even consider putting on a Who or Zep album with friends over at the house.

Sounds like you are aging. We all are, but I just don't let it get in my way. I guess I don't play Led Zep that much anymore but still when they come on the DMX or radio I turn it up! The Who I still play one album often. Who's Next! I just never get tired of that masterpiece. Hell, so what if its only teenage wasteland, its still great to get wasted to even years after your a teen.

: I think a lot of the Beatles music is ear candy. They are by far the biggest pussies out of all the bands

Pussies?!?! How can you call them pussies!? Guys who wrote songs like Helter Skelter, Revolution, Piggies, Why Don't We Do It In The Road, and all that's from just one album, are NOT pussies! Then the stands Lennon took with the yippies no less in the early 70s sure took balls. Hell why do you think he was on Nixion's enemy list? You don't have to dig the Beatles but they sure are not "pussies'!

:and anyone that features Ringo Starr should be shot.

Ringo never was a great drummer but I though everybody loved the dude. After what happen to John, "shot" isn't at all acceptable to us Beatles fans.

: That brings me to The Stones. I can say that on an average Wednesday in 1971-72, Keith Richards partied harder than Bonham or Moon on the day they died, and still wrote the greatest album ever.

For me Keef's greatest album is Let It Bleed, followed by BB.

: By the way, I personally have to place The Grateful Dead in with those bands.

Well yes, the Dead had guts, to answer your other post.

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