Who, Stones, Beatles and Zep

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Posted by Mr. D. on June 20, 2000 at 16:17:34:

These bands make up "the big 4" cliche". I think that overall, the Who and Zep have the biggest sounds. They feature the best musicians. I think Townshend is the most talented individual of the 4 groups. He certainly is the best songwriter.

Anyway, what drops The Who and Zep out of my favorites is that their music does not age well. I find it difficult to listen to either band since about 10th grade. I don't want to hear about "misty mountains" and "May Queens" nor do I want to hear a "concept" album or a song about a "teenage wasteland". I would never even consider putting on a Who or Zep album with friends over at the house. My friends wouldn't either- and I have almost all of them including Townshend's solo albums. "PsychoDerilect" has some great tunes on it by the way.

I think a lot of the Beatles music is ear candy. They are by far the biggest pussies out of all the bands and anyone that features Ringo Starr should be shot. With that said, I like the Beatles and can listen to their music more easily than I can The Who or Zep.

That brings me to The Stones. I can say that on an average Wednesday in 1971-72, Keith Richards partied harder than Bonham or Moon on the day they died, and still wrote the greatest album ever. The Stones do not have the biggest sound. They don't have the best musicians. All their songs are basically about drugs and sex, but they are the coolest- and when they are all clicking- they are the best band to ever walk on this planet. Their 4 albums, and you can throw Some Girls into the mix, are the greatest Rock music ever recorded. I could say much more about the Stones, but I don't think I need to. Listen to the song "Rocks Off"- that about sums it up.

By the way, I personally have to place The Grateful Dead in with those bands. If you don't give them a real shot, you are doing yourself a great disservice. I don't think you can really get a true grasp on what great music is without them. Throughout the spring and summer months, they are what I listen to almost exclusively. The Stones are a bit heartier fare which work better for me in the fall and winter.

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