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Posted by Syph on June 15, 2000 at 12:08:10:

Firstly - sorry about that "post" yesterday Keno, I just couldn't help meself.

Secondly - The Stones culled Tattoo You from ancient material. This may have been discussed before, but what do you think?

1. Is the Stones "sound" so timeless that they can put out 10 year old material that still sounds "modern"?

2. Or - were the Stones so ahead of their time that something they wrote in '72 could be released a decade later - when the times finally caught up with the Stones?

3. Or - Are/Were the Stones fans so willing to accept anything that the Stones put out that it didn't matter?

4. Or - did the Stones "die" creatively in the early '70's and much if not ALL of what they've done since is just old nuggets? (you guys have the rehearsal boots, not me. So I don't know if the germ of "The Worst" started in '82 or not...)

Anyway, the reason I was thinking of this is - I can't think of another band really that could put out older (a decade almost!) material without sounding dated. I tend to think that the Stones "sound" is steeped in the timeless sound of the blues and coutry to a point where it CAN'T sound "dated". But they couldn't have put Dandelion out in 1977 and passed it off you know? Anyway, tag on if you want...if not, don't.


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