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Posted by Steve Cronen 16X5 on May 17, 2000 at 05:47:35:

In Reply to: jealous jones and touring charlie posted by brother morphine on May 16, 2000 at 23:12:05:

: I've got two questions. First, I just watched 25x5 and I was wondering why, if Brian started the band and was supposed to be the most musically gifted, was he not in on the first song writing sessions? In the video, Keith says he and Mick were locked in a kitchen until they could come up with something to give the rest of the boys to play. Where was Brian and how did he feel about this? My second question also has to do with 25x5. In the video, Charlie gives the obvious impression that he's not happy when he's on the road. Well, why the hell does he still tour? He repeatedly says he hates being on the road and that after every tour he wants to quit the band. He obviously doesn't need the money, and if Wyman can quit, what keeps Charlie on the road? Also, I'm wondering where the name 12x5 comes from on the 2nd LP and if that's where they got 25x5. Please help on any of the questions.

The title 12X5 is a joke: 12 songs by 5 guys. Just as it's 25 years by 5 guys (although, does that include the two guitarists who showed up later, or what?).
LIke Scott said, Brian never cared submit much in terms of songs. Andrew Oldham was pushing for Mick and Keith to be the songwrtiters anyway, so Brian never got much of a chance. The story that pisses me off about this kind of stuff the most goes like this. During the Beggar's Banquet sessions, the already unstable Brian came up to Mick and Keith and said he had a song. "Okay," said Mick, "let's hear it." Brian started playing, but the moment he did, Mick would say, "No, no, that's no good. Play another one." Undaunted, Brian would play another song. Mick again, "No, that's not good at all. Try another." And it would go on like this, with Mik and Keith laughing the whole time. Oh, well, Shows you where the power lay in the group back then, huh?
As for Charlie, I don't know. Maybe 'cause he knows the Stones can't go on without him.

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