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Posted by ...Syph in the Shadows on May 03, 2000 at 21:52:26:

In Reply to: Re: Re: Next song on the Chopping Block... posted by cc on May 03, 2000 at 20:48:15:

Nope, you're wrong. I am always right. I am Omniscient damn it! No really, good points cc - as always. Now to the details...I'm no studio wiz...but why the fuck is this so haywire? To be able to approach the clarity and beauty and crispness of a Under My Thumb...which I believe to be roughly a year earlier than Have You Seen (?) and then to this??? The early horns the - duh duh- duh duh duh- DUH very Beatlesque in it's announcing of the start of the song...but from there, in my OPINION:) it nosedives. The bands seems out of time with each other. (They WERE out of touch with each other at this point...Brian et al...the first acid etc.) Maybe this just SOUNDED cool blasting over the speakers the fateful night it was set in "stone". I mean shit, I've done it...set a recording to the way I want it dubbed etc...only to find a week later that the treble is WAY toooooo high...same thing could be in effect here "It's the Sisssties babbbbbie...Iz all good...listen to thiz shit we're layin' down...Have you seen yo muddah's a fuggin' gas man." They mighta been fucking loaded to the gills for the entire week they produced this. Subsequently...just like with Might as Well Get Juiced - "Oh man, I've got Juiced in my drawers that are better than the one on B2B..." Well, maybe he does...or he's just covering up the criticism of the track...which is cool...what are you supposed to say? "Yeah, it's fucked - but go buy it you sycophantic muddahfuggah!" So in essence cc...what could have been done to save this track...I personally think that Soul S. is more capable of rescuing than this one...Have You...Has a catchy chorus and somewhat of a catch melody...but w/the production, it's hard to really grasp onto ANY of it...even dance the white man shuffle consistently to it is HARD...and that's saying a LOT!:) Just a spark of a convo here...I'll try to listen to it tonight...I'm working off the memory of this that I haven't played in literal ages...


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