Should Albums be changed? NO WAY

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Posted by Lord Voodoo on May 01, 2000 at 11:55:41:

I strongly disagree with augmenting any of the Stones (or any other bands) albums. The album is the way it is and you should leave it. Don't throw bonus tracks on there at all. Tampering with an album to be the way you like it is just what is wrong with the music industry. They throw a couple of EQs in the mix and release the album again and its different.

Adding new tracks is useless. Most of those session songs that were left off of the albums were not as good, or they appeared on later albums. The stuff that is unreleased should be released as an outtakes set. You could have a double disk of outtakes from each decade. But its never going to happen because the stones will never relase stuff in the can until they are done being the stones.

Live stuff is a completely seperate thing though. I would take Love You Live and turn it into a 3 cd set. disk 1 and 2 would be a whole show (or at least songs comprising what a whole show's setlists would be from different dates). And 3 would be the entire El Macombo gig. Ya Ya's shouldn't be touched. The Stones should just do a whole other live album from 1969 and do the whole tour. If there is overlap between this new double album and Ya Ya's, then so be it.

Still Life should be abandoned and replaced by a new Still Life, which would be 2 cds and a complete 1981 show.

Then, the stones should sit down and start releasing all of thier special shows.

Altamont, Hyde Park, Knebworth, Nicuraguan Relief Concert, El Mocambo, The Checkerboard, Toad's Place, the Double Door, etc

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Subject: Re: Should Albums be changed? NO WAY


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