"I Wanna Be Your Man"

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Posted by Greg on April 30, 2000 at 03:31:27:

I've just been listening to The Stones version followed by the Beatles version, and it's truly fascinating. The two verstion encapsculate all the differences between the two bands. The Stones start out with a short, repeating riff, The Beatles with harmonized vocals. The Stones have a repeating, driving bass line and lower in the mix but still kicking drums. The Beatles have a lower in the mix but still kicking bass line and repeating driving drums. Mick sounds like he's actually talking to the "baby," enticing her to join him. John, Paul and George (and the whole idea of three people singing "I wanna be your man" at the same time is hilarious: "We wanna be your collective men!" De-du-du du, "We wanna be your collective men!" Deh-do-du du . . .) sound a bit rehearsed and more like they're smiling while they sing. On the choruses, the Stones hit minor chords, the Beatles major. Keef (or Brian? I haven't been a Stones fan long enough to distinguish) plays a stinging, direct solo variation of the vocals, with no other sounds in the front of the mix. In the Beatles' version, George plays a more complicated, impressive but unfeeling solo while John and Paul shout intermittently. To end it, the Stones continue the repeating guitar riff. The Beatles go out singing.

Any other observations? Also, this makes me wonder: other than "Money (That's What I Want)," are there any other songs both bands played?

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