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Posted by Steve Cronen Child of the KEEF! on April 05, 2000 at 06:20:29:

In Reply to: Keith's Singing posted by StonesCat on April 04, 2000 at 23:36:13:

: I was gonna post this as a polling question, but that's getting real played out the last couple of days. But, if you looked at Keith's lead vocals over the years, on what songs does he sound like a legit singer? And not a third rate Dylan knockoff. Obviously, he's done some great songs, but his voice wasn't carrying the song, or his bad vocals made the song better.

I've always considered Keef to be a wonderful singer, sometimes better than Mick. I played "Memory Motel" while my mom was around, and she dislikes Keith Richards. When she heard his parts, though, she said, "Hey, he's pretty good."

: My choices: Something Happened To Me Yesterday-Keith sounds damn good on this, he had an interesting voice, in a good way, in the 60s.
Agreed. I absolutely LOVE those vocal bits. To hear part of them being played in "25X5" was like nothing else for me!
: Memory Motel-caught him on a good day here, IMO.
Agreed. AS I mentioned before. He really gives the song heart, IMO.
: Slipping Away-best song for Keith's present voice.
Agreed. Beautiful vocal.

: It's kind of a shame that Keith let his voice go really, in the 60s up thru the very early 80s he had an unconventional, yet cool, kind of singing ability on lead and harmony vocals. It's painful now to hear him sing.

I have a couple of other choices:
You Got the Silver: Okay, he may sound a bit like Dylan, but this performance moves me every time I hear it. "I don't care, no that's no big suprise!!!"
Dead Flowers: Not lead vocal work here. But I like his backing vocals during the choruses a whole lot.

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