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Posted by The Storm on February 12, 1999 at 11:55:13:

In Reply to: Re: Reflections on Anaheim II posted by Fleabit Peanut Monkey on February 12, 1999 at 10:15:44:

You know what? I almost forgot. Mick and Keith *did* share the mic for about 5 seconds on one of the opening tunes--maybe "Respectable?" It was one of the songs on which Mick was playing guitar, and Keith glided over to do a little background singing and Mick gracefully yielded space. I even pointed out to my friends the significance of that moment, and what a classic shot it was, especially as it appeared close-up on the video screen. Who else was there who remembers that? What song was it, again?

With regard to your other questions: Indeed, Keith seemed to be carrying the guitar load. His solos on "Sympathy" were sizzling, really menacing, sounding like the devil playing them himself. But back to Ronnie: Compared to the "Stripped" version, his "Shine a Light" solos were disappointingly simple; compared to the VL version, his YGMR solos don't amount to much--just as they don't on the "No Security" version. He does seem lazy. But if it's because of drugs, they're definitely lifting his spirits, not dragging them down, because you should have seem him mug for the audience way too long during the band intros. Mick looked like he was on the verge of getting impatient. He did play plunk-piano on
You Don't Have to Mean It." I didn't notice who else may have been on guitar, since I was so taken away by Keith's solos on that song, so different from B2B and the Vegas show, and since I was musing about Charlie's drumming and how (and why) they'd changed the song around. (Incidentally, I went through a major reggae period myself in the late 70s, but just found it to become repetitive after awhile. Did you ever hear that song "You're Trying to Conquer Me?" Who was that again? THAT'S the kind of down and menacing reggae song I'd like to hear the Stones do. It would sort of resemble "Fingerprint File" or "OOC" in tone.)

Finally, there WAS a show in Anaheim Tuesday, but I work in the evenings and couldn't ask off for two in one week. That's why I'm glad I'll have a shot at San Jose in April.

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