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Posted by Fleabit Peanut Monkey on February 12, 1999 at 10:15:44:

In Reply to: Reflections on Anaheim II posted by The Storm on February 12, 1999 at 03:14:03:

Thanks for the review! For some reason I thought the show was on Tuesday and I thought perhaps you'd been overcome by the syncopation!

: 1. Mick and Keith appear to be absolute best buddies again.

Sometimes I feel like a schoolgirl with my reaction to stuff like this. On the B2B tour I watched like a hawk for ANY interaction between the glimmer twins and the slightest bit of cameraderie onstage made me whoop with joy. For instance, I've mentioned before that, after they did "Juiced" at MSG3 they embraced & laughed. Watching the boot of the show, I can see now that this moment lasted exactly 1 second. Also, at several of the shows, when Mick played harp on OOC, Keith would come over and stand beside him, nodding approvingly. Again, this little detail was as important to me as the volcanic eruption of music which was going on. The future of the band depends a lot on the delicate chemistry between these two, so that's part of the reason it's so important to me. I don't think I'm alone in this - if Mick & Keith ever again share a microphone (THE classic pose in all of rock & roll history), I think the crowd will go nuts, with or without any Freudian psychoanalysis or discussion of Jungian archetypes.

: 2. Mick's voice is 100%. You could tell he had full confidence in the voice, and he sounded great.

Of course, this is wonderful news too. Even a tentative, cautious performance by Mick is great, but when he pulls out the stops, he is the greatest performer alive today.

: 3. They've sharpened YGMR up a bit. It sounded a lot better and was a real crowd pleaser, so I could see why they added it.

Oh, you're just prejudiced because it's from VL! (ha!) Question: how was Woody's performance, in this and everything else? I ask because there have been totally disparate opinions, seemingly from every show - he's playing better than ever OR he's obviously sinking in a quagmire of substance abuse. Woody's no Charlie Parker so I doubt the two are happening simultaneously. I think it's more likely that people see what they want to see when they look at Woody. What did you see and more importantly hear?

: 4. Keith and Charlie have transformed "You Don't Have to Mean It".... I always thought it a rather silly song that sounded out of place on "Bridges".

Ah, see, I LOVE this song on B2B, and saw it as a culmination of the band's infatuation and flirtation with reggae. For anyone who has heard more than Bob Marley's Greatest Hits, the wealth of detail they loaded into this song, studio and live, is an absolute joy. For instance, I can hear distinct echoes of the Heptones "Book of Rules", and the horns remind me of the Skatalites. Very much like what happened with their approach to the Blues - the difference between playing it and immersing yourself (or Keith's self) in it until it comes out your pores.
Both times I heard it on the B2B tour it had the audience skanking, mon. In Syracuse in particular, it was perfect. Does Woody still play the plinky piano part? Simple yet vital. And does Blondie still play guitar in it?

: 5. I suppose they had to cut a few corners to keep the costs down --

Not at these prices they don't. Unfortunately the venues were all built for basketball, not music. I'm hoping the MCI center has better acoustics.

: Well, that's all. Ya gotta see 'em.

Thanks for the tip! Think I'll take yer advice!

--and that June release, which maybe Mick and Keith are already starting to get excited about themselves....

What an absolute ROLL the boys are on! Yee-ha!

Hope you like Hoodoo. I thought this particular PPV was perhaps their weakest (oddly enough, since it was such a great tour) but it certainly has its moments. A lot of 'em.

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