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Posted by Keno on March 24, 2000 at 01:07:26:

In Reply to: Re: 1969 tour posted by marko on March 23, 2000 at 23:55:43:

: :what about 72 tour??

I went to one of the four shows they did that year at MSG in July. It was a blast and we didn't even have tickets to the show. I went with my friend Brian Spizz (R.I.P.) who was as big a Stones freak as anyone could be. Brian had snuck into the Garden for the '69 show and sat in the second row on the floor. So when he told me his plan to sneak into the '72 show I wasn't gonna
miss out. But we almost didn't get in at all. The Stones played four shows in three days at MSG that year. The two shows were on the 25, the day before Mick's birthday. We tried to get into the first show and planned to stay for the second one as well. But we were unable to get into the first show (almost got busted trying) and I was loosing fate that we would succeed for that second show. As it turned out we didn't sneak in to show #2, but leave it to Brian to find a security guard to bribe with a assortment of drugs (he always had the best drugs in NYC and a few years later they would kill him). We got into the Garden as the Stones were taking the stage. Brian made it onto the floor but I lost him and ended up way on the top deck, but still, the show was great and I'll never forget it. The next day was Mick's B-day and again we tried to get in but failed - could not find that guard and could not sneak in. But the fact that I got in for free the nite before (the drugs weren't mine so no cost for me)
was good enough for me, to say the least!

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