What If... The Stones Toured in '68?

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Posted by Steve Cronen of the Moon on February 29, 2000 at 06:20:59:

I know this may seem very inane, but I always wondered: What if the Stones had not taken a break from touring in 1968? What if they had toured England or something, setting all their personal problems aside? I mean, I’m aware of Brian’s troubles, and I know they were all really tired, but wouldn’t that have been cool? It could have been, like, late 1968-early 1969, after the release of Beggar’s. So, I thought, “What would they have played?” Well, here’s my dream set list for the Stones’ 1968-1969 British tour.

Jumping Jack Flash- Duh.
Johnny B. Goode- A token Chuck Berry song, just for Keith.
Get Off Of My Cloud- A classic for all occasions.
Parachute Woman- With Mick on harp, Keith on lead, Brian on rhythm, and Bill on acoustic bass.
Jigsaw Puzzle- With Brian on slide guitar.
She Said Yeah- A rave-up rocker that, if done properly, could be resurrected in full glory.
Cool, Calm & Collected- Underrated. Featured Brian on electric banjo and Mick on the kazoo solo. It MUST be played with the kazoo, or else it’s no good. :-)
Sympathy for the Devil- Since I never can tell really WHO it is playing lead (many say Keith, others say Brian), we’ll reach a compromise: Do it like in the ’69 tour, and have both guitarists play lead and trade licks.
Let’s Spend the Night Together- With Nicky Hopkins backing them up.

Next comes the acoustic set, ala Led Zeppelin’s 1970 tour. It features Mick, Keith, Brian, and Bill playing all acoustic instruments. This would include:
No Expectations- Brian on acoustic slide.
Factory Girl- Another underrated one. Keith or Brian could play mandolin.
Prodigal Son- Mick on guitar, Brian on harp.
I Am Waiting- W/O the dulcimer, although it sounds great with it, anyway.
Dear Doctor- Same as Prodigal Son.

Back to the electric set, exploding with:
Stray Cat Blues- The Ya-Ya’s one sucked, as far as I’m concerned. Give us that menacing intro, and have both Keef and Brian trade off lead licks again.
You Can’t Always Get What You Want- Like the Rock and Roll Circus version. Hey, they played Brown Sugar at Altamont.
Citadel OR 2000 Man OR 2000 Light Years From Home- The boys could at least play ONE of these on the tour, if not all of them sporadically. Citadel would blow out the amps, 2000 Man would be augmented by Nicky’s organ, and 2000 LYFH would have to rock out.
Connection OR All Sold Out OR Miss Amanda Jones- Same here. Connection would have Keith trading lead vocals with Mick, and Brian would play lead guitar on MAJ.
Street Fighting Man- The 1969 version would be cool, but wither way, it’d rock.
Paint It, Black- Forget the sitar (not forever, though; the song’s better with it). Let’s have this one just rock mercilessly.
Little Red Rooster OR Walkin’ Blues- Brian on slide, Mick on harp.
Child of the Moon- This one would just be ethereal, like floating through space. Brian on sax, Mick on piano, Nicky on organ.
The Last Time- Brian on lead again, just to boost his falling ego.
Satisfaction- Just because.
Salt of the Earth- Back to acoustics, except with Charlie and Nicky this time. This would be the ultimate show closer!

Of course, they wouldn’t perform EVERY song at EVERY performance. Just do about 15 or 16 each night. Comments?

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