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Posted by Sarah on February 25, 2000 at 12:36:06:

In Reply to: Drop the opening act crap! posted by keno on February 24, 2000 at 16:49:28:

: Those of us here who have seen the Stones live know what a great show they put on. The only problem is you have to wait till the opening act, who you didn't pay to see (or in most cases would not pay to see)plays. Last night in Denver we saw CSN&Y. There was NO opening act. The show started at 8:08PM and ended at 11:46PM,. There was a half hour break in between but I would gladly take that over being forced to watch most of the opening acts that have come with the Stones shows of late. To get into the arena and not have to wait for your band to come on is more of a plus than I ever dreamed. In the past I would say something like "oh Bryan Adams' is on first, that's cool" and although he might put on a good show, I would rather just see the Stones - and a three hour show would be great too! Not only did CSN&Y play three hours, they played something like thirty two or thirty three songs (it was hard to keep exact count, it was the concert that kept going and going and going! I would LOVE to see the Stones do this the next time around - No opening act, play three hours and at least thirty songs! Is this asking too much? One last thing, Neil Young was unbelievable last nite! Anyone here who loves a hot guitar MUST see this show if only for seeing Neil play. I hate to say this but as much as I love Keef, Young played twice the guitar last night than I've seen Keef play in my last two Stones concerts combined. For that matter, I'll say the same thing about Mick Taylor's show a few weeks ago. MT outplayed his old mate too! Not that Keef played poorly the last few times out, he was great! But Neil Young and MT played MORE! So I guess its not only more out put from Ronnie (that keeps coming up at this board), but more out put from Keef too!

: I wrote a review of the CSN&Y show at the Neil Young NG, below is a copy of it.
(review edited from form to save server space)

I agree when I saw the stones here in march of last year I had to sit through The Flys as our opening act.. They have one fairly decent song (Got you Where I want you) But they where otherwise showing they were just trying badly to be a drop of the Beastie Boys.. THen to top it off when just as the first riff from Jumpin Jack Flash is being played the sound guy messed up and keith had to start all over again.. The rest of the concert was great of course but too short I agree we all wanted three hours instead of 2 hours and 45 minutes.. Well see what happens

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