Drop the opening act crap!

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Posted by Keno on February 24, 2000 at 16:49:28:

Those of us here who have seen the Stones live know what a great show they put on. The only problem is you have to wait till the opening act, who you didn't pay to see (or in most cases would not pay to see) plays. Last night in Denver we saw CSN&Y. There was NO opening act. The show started at 8:08PM and ended at 11:46PM,. There was a half hour break in between but I would gladly take that over being forced to watch most of the opening acts that have come with the Stones shows of late. To get into the arena and not have to wait for your band to come on is more of a plus than I ever dreamed. In the past I would say something like "oh Bryan Adams' is on first, that's cool" and although he might put on a good show, I would rather just see the Stones - and a three hour show would be great too! Not only did CSN&Y play three hours, they played something like thirty two or thirty three songs (it was hard to keep exact count, it was the concert that kept going and going and going!). I would LOVE to see the Stones do this the next time around - No opening act, play three hours and at least thirty songs! Is this asking too much? One last thing, Neil Young was unbelievable last nite! Anyone here who loves a hot guitar MUST see this show if only for seeing Neil play. I hate to say this but as much as I love Keef, Young played twice the guitar last night than I've seen Keef play in my last two Stones concerts combined. For that matter, I'll say the same thing about Mick Taylor's show a few weeks ago. MT outplayed his old mate too! Not that Keef played poorly the last few times out, he was great! But Neil Young and MT played MORE! So I guess its not only more out put from Ronnie ( that keeps coming up at this board), but more out put from Keef too!

I wrote a review of the CSN&Y show at the Neil Young NG, below is a copy of it.

CSN&Y In Denver
Thu, 24 Feb 2000 15:47:17 -0700

Wow, what a show! I wasn't sure what just to expect before last night. I had see had Neil Young live before but not CS&N. I wondered how Neil would perform as a band member on stage versus how I've seen him as a solo act in the past. Well, Neil stole the show, not to take anything away from CS&N who put on a great show also. Their vocals harmonies were right on last
night but Neil's guitar playing was the show's highlight. They started off with "Carry On" which was one of only two songs that actually disappointed me as far as the harmonies went (sadly the other one was "Teach Your Children", it did not sound up to par). But that followed with "Southern Man" with Neil just playing the shit out of his guitar. The pace then slowed down a bit after that for a few songs but then came David Crosby's "Almost Cut My Hair". Let me say, after what I've read over the years about Crosby and his drug & health problems I got the impression that maybe he would just be going through the motions when
on stage. Boy was I wrong! He was the second best thing last night next to Neil. His vocals were superb. It was "Almost Cut My Hair" that really seemed to get the concert rolling and the crowd going. There was no looking back after this one. David just belted out the vocals to the song with Neil's guitar solo soaring. About half way through the song Stephen Stills joined in with Neil for what was one of the best live, extended guitar weavings I've seen in years. Man did they jam on that one number! There would be additional weaving between the two on several more songs that were also hot. "Long Time Gone" was another Crosby tune where the combination of David's strong vocals paired with Young's and Stills' guitar weaving was stunning. Crosby also played a 12 string (rhythm) on this one and shined on it. Graham Nash was also in fine vocal form. His show highlight was "Our House" in which it seem everybody in the arena was singing along to. The audience was very much into the the three plus hour show. The concert just seems to go on and on and get better and better! But it was the Neil Young numbers that seemed to get to the crowd the most. Our seats were about twenty feet from the stage on the side (stage left) which was perfect for watching Neil play since he spend more than half the show facing the exact direction where we sat. Unfortunately we had the opposite luck in viewing Still's as we saw more of his back than anything else (thank goodness we had the monitors to view). My favorite numbers last night besides what I already mentioned were "After The Gold Rush" - with Neil changing one line appropriately to "Look at Mother Nature on the run in the Twentieth First Century", "Old Man", "Marrakesh Express",
"49 Bye-Byes", "Down By The River" was very hot, the old Buffalo Springfield song "For What It's Worth" and the closing number "Keeping On Rockin' In The Free World". If you are a fan of CSN&Y and love to listen to great harmonies or just a fan of great interplaying hard guitar you MUST check out this concert! This in part is what made this a great show, it was really
two shows in one, hard acid rock guitar on many numbers and very mellow sing alongs on others. A little bit of the two. DON'T MISS THIS SHOW!!


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