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Posted by Fleabit Peanut Monkey on February 10, 2000 at 16:12:42:

In Reply to: guitars! posted by Robert Byrd on February 10, 2000 at 15:23:20:

I am sure that my compadre THE Jimmy Whitley can and will post a doctorate thesis on this question. It is an incredibly complex question: on the last tour Keith & Woody were traveling with about 90 guitars, and that is a fraction of their collections. In fact in a '97 interview Keith claimed that even HE didn't know how many guitars he owned except that it was in the hundreds.

A quick, layman's answer is:

Keith's main axe is the classic Fender Telecaster, preferably in the 50's. He also leans heavily on a Gibson ES-335 of late.

Woody is more of a Fender Stratocaster man. His main guitar for slide is a custom built single-cutaway model by Tony Zemeitis (spelling, Jimmy?)

Both Keith & Woody on occasion play Gibson Les Pauls.

Mick Taylor is a Gibson man. A lovely sunburst Les Paul is his main axe - I believe he bought it from Keith before he (Taylor) joined the band. On the '69 tour he often played a Gibson SG.

Brian usually played a Vox (the teardrop model), but also played a Rickenbacker, a Gibson Firebird, a Gretch White Falcon, a goldtop Les Paul, and a baby blue Fender Telecaster.

Mick Jagger played a Gibson SG and an Ovation acoustic on the 81 tour. He often plays custom-built guitars. On the last tour he played a Telecaster on "Some Girls" and a Strat on the b-stage. I've seen him play a Gibson Hummingbird acoustic too.

Bill played Framus star basses, a Vox, and an Ampeg Dan Armstrong (clear lucite body) among others.

Darryl plays Fender basses, I think Precision basses but honestly I don't pay much attention to Darryl when I go see the Stones.

This is a ridiculously truncated list, but a complete list would suck up so much of Keno's server space that this would become a pay site if it was listed.

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