Mick Taylor 2/4/00 (from Rocks Off)

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Posted by Ladybear on February 05, 2000 at 07:54:26:

I just got home from the Mick Taylor concert, and what a show!
Mick played at the Buffalo Rose in Golden, Co, a small town west of Denver near the foothills. Keno from Keno's Rolling Stones website, my best friend Colleena, and myself were sadly missing Jaxx who was too ill to make the show(get better soon girlfriend!)
We arrived about 9:30, and the place was packed. Thanks to the efforts of two very cool people, Voodoo Chile and Carol Rock, it had been previously arranged for us to meet Mick after the show. Carol had alerted the tour manager , Claude, that we would be there. About fifteen minutes before the show, I saw a man working onstage who matched the description I had been given. I approached him, told him my name, and said I was a friend of Carol Rock. At this he gets a big smile on his face and says, "Oh yes, she told me that you were coming!" He told me where to be after the set and to enjoy the show. A very sweet and gracious man.
Keno, Colleena, and I lucked out in that I ran into a coworker of mine who had a table right up front and let us share. Good old Al, and I had had no idea he was a fan!
Mick went on about 10:45, kicking off his set with "Twisted Sister" from his new CD "A Stone's Throw". From then on it was complete aural ectasy. Keno and I squeezed in right next to the stage, with Mick only a few feet away. This is pretty heavy duty for me, to be so close to a man who I have worshipped for years! I spent a lot of time just watching his hands, his fingers as he played.
Due to alcohol and extreme excitement, I was unable to keep track of the setlist precisely, but many great songs stand out in my mind. "Secret Affair" from the new CD I absolutely loved, I really got into it. "You Gotta Move" was red-hot and smoking! The long jam mid-set which showcased his band was cool and I must say he has some very talented musicians working with him. I am impressed that he's not doing the "Look at me I'm Mick Taylor and these other guys are here to back me up" Not at all. Sadly I am horrible with names plus I don't hear very well in a crowd situation or I would name them all. I do know the keyboard player is new and his name is Jeff Ross. His guitar player is adorable, and he really let it rip on "You Shook Me".
One thing I spotted was that Mick kept putting his hand to his his forehead and eyes, and looked like he wasn't feeling very good. You would have never noticed from his playing that anything was wrong.
Dylan's "Blind Willie McTell" ended the show, and the crowd screamed and clapped for the encore. C'mon Mick, you know we need it! And yes, he came back and gave us an instrumental "Can't you hear me knocking" that I will remember all my life.
We waited patiently among the faithful, and I bought "A Stone's Throw" Cd. It was interesting to see what other people had brought to be signed. I saw a 1969 Fillmore poster that I would love to have. After about fifteen minutes, a roadie type guy comes out and gives the crowd the bad news; Mick has a severe migraine and will not be signing autographs. I am disappointed but not suprised, he really did look like he wasn't feeling good. So although I didn't get to meet him, I got to watch him play from three feet away, and took some photos which I hope turn out!
I was parked near the tour bus, and we saw Claude as we were leaving. We told him we heard about Mick's migraine, and hoped he would be feeling better soon. He was, again, very gracious and friendly and said the two day, straight- though drive from Vancouver had wiped Mick out. Keno noted that our elevation here in Colorado probably didn't help either. Then we said our goodbyes(and I made sure to mention that Carol Rock said Hi to everyone in the band and crew :-) ).
Mick Taylor is a phenominal guitar player. I was expecting a great show, and it was even better! If this tour passes through your town, you go! I mean it! You won't regret it. I think the best example of how good Mick is was my friend Colleena's reaction. She is not a big Stones fan, but she humors me in my addiction. The day of the show she was still saying "now who is it we're going to see?" By the second song into the set she was saying "this guy is really good!" She also bought a CD after the show.
Thank you Mick Taylor!!!

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