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Posted by The Jimmy Whitley-I am awake now! on January 31, 2000 at 21:47:29:

In Reply to: Review of Mick Taylor show in SF posted by Mr. Ventilator on January 29, 2000 at 14:05:06:

Hey everybody!

Sorry about the delay but I was in need of some sleep.
I have read everybodys reviews and agree with ALL of them. GO SEE MICK TAYLOR.

What suprised me alot was his vocals. At best he was an avarage vocalist but friday he was pretty good. As far as the better guitarist debate, (VS Wood) from what I say/heard friday night there is NO MORE DEBATE PERIOD! Don't get me wrong, I like Ron Wood but NO MORE debates because it's pretty laughable and the question I have would be, "When is the last time you REALLY heard Mick Taylor because if you are still saying Ronnie's better than I know it's been awhile".
Mick Taylor has progressed SO MUCH it has to be heard. Let me ask you this: Have you heard ONE bad review on this gig YET? It was THAT great.

I stayed after the gig and talked to his guitar tech and waited and waited and.....but DID NOT get to talk to Mick. I could'nt wait anymore and had to leave. (SHAWN any luck?)
Here are some details. The set list (from memory) was something like this: 1. Twisted Sister, 2. Secret Affair, 3. Late At Night, (or maybe Losing My Faith?) 4. You Gotta Move 5.(See #3) 6. Goin' South 7. This Carlos Santana like Instrumental that is new. 8. Blues In the Morning 9. Blind Willy McTell ENCORE 10. Red House, 11.C.Y.H.M.K. Very similar set list to last years tour.

**NOTE** One of the tech's told me that Can't You Hear Me Knocking is NOT a SURE THING for the encore. Mick will only do it IF he feels it's been a good gig/good crowd etc.

Mick's Gear:GUITARS: Sunburst Les Paul, Fender Strat, for the encore he used a custom 24 fret, Tokai (Strat Copy) with a Floyd Rose Wammy and locking Nut.
During Red House, he was finger tapping AND damping the wammy at the same time. Another thing I noticed was he now FINGER picks instead of using a flat pick. (Mr. Ventilator, that Video I had with me he mentions (then) how he used flat picking 99% time) NOT ANYMORE!
Mick's Amps:Fender Twin (big shock,yeah I know) and a Marshall combo with 2 12"s that I could'nt see because Mick was blocking my view. I also got to see he was using a BOSS Chorus pedal as well as others but they were being loaded in front of me and I could'nt see them to clearly.

One other note of interest. The gig was DEFINITELY being VIDEO bootlegged by at least (by my count) 2 different sources. Mr. V and I saw one guy above us who looked like he was permanently saluting someone or either that or he had crazy glued his hand to his eyebrow for the entire show. Shawn and I saw these guys outside after the gig but nothing happend.(YET) Speaking of which, Shawn, did you get lucky?

It was great to meet Mr. Ventilator and Shawn. (as well as their guests) I have no doubt we will get together in the future. Thank's again for a very memorable evening!

It's easy to sit at home and say Mick Taylor hasn't done anything since. It's another thing to GO SEE HIM and see just how lame you sound saying it.


Later, JIMMY

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