Re: Review of Mick Taylor show in SF

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Posted by Tod on January 31, 2000 at 17:16:44:

In Reply to: Review of Mick Taylor show in SF posted by Mr. Ventilator on January 29, 2000 at 14:05:06:

Basically, I agree with the review presented here. I was
there and actually think he was a little sharper
with his leads than last year at this venue. He also
appeared to be in physically better shape. He seemed
a little more (not much) energized. There were
a few moments where the leads meandered without much
focus...but there were a couple of numbers, like
Goin' South, where he and the band hit a groove that
was reminiscient of the one delivered on the Too
Hot For Snakes version of Sway (which, in my humble
estimation, is the most brilliant solo Taylor has
ever released). Taylor is only a passable vocalist, so
it's always better when he avoids the mike. I loved
his version of Red House on Friday, but he always
botches the verses, which is annoying (it's a great
blues lyric, after all).

I agree that technically, MT is a more advanced musician
than he was in the 70's (the same, by the way, is
true of Keef, but sadly, not of Ronnie). However, the
vehicles that he uses to convey his musical vision
are not nearly as inspirational as some of the "canvasses"
on which he painted with the Stones in the 70's...
I'm thinking of the 72/73 versions of YCAGWYW and
Love in Vain as two cases in point. Nothing he played
on Friday matched the sheer intensity and brilliance
of those epic 70's live performances. The Stones engine
is the missing piece, and there ain't no replacing it.
That's not MT's fault, however...and yes, I was also
struck by how fortunate we still are to watch and listen
to this master bluesman still diligently practicing
and refining his craft. Go see 16 bucks
you'll spend this year.


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