Re: Review of Mick Taylor show in SF

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Posted by steel driving hammer on January 29, 2000 at 14:33:41:

In Reply to: Review of Mick Taylor show in SF posted by Mr. Ventilator on January 29, 2000 at 14:05:06:

Cool review.

Some contrasting and comparing...

Woods Faces and Taylors 70's are pretty close and/or
not far from one another.

I would perfer a solo by Ronnie than by Taylor.

Some of the best Rolling Stones albums were from Taylor.
Actually most of em'
But how long do you think the Stones could have gone
w/ Taylor being as good as they were at the time?

I'm still glad they're still together, even w/ Ronnie.
If Ronnie is a sinking ship, I'm going down w/ her.

They couldn't have gone much further with the power
of Taylor behind/infront of them without death or loosing

Ronnie brought a new/fresh smile to the inner core
of the band. Some one for Keith to shit on, so to speak.
Taylor would never let that happen.

Taylor's playing style "today" is too many notes and not
enough strumming the chords.
I like the saying by John Lee Hooker...
"Throwaway those fancy chords and give me that beat"

Taylor kicked some of the best ass w/ the Stones.
Not more than Brian but more than Wood. Yes I'm saying that.

But how long could they have lasted w/ Taylor being that good?
I'm just happy they are still around w/ Woody.

Meaning.....I gotta support Woody.
Even though Taylor was better, not is, was.

Tough choice.

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