Who invented Rock & Roll...Who Cares!

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Posted by Sir Stonesalot on January 18, 2000 at 19:08:22:

Rock and Roll as a musical form is still evolving. It gets re-invented every so often when "The Next Big Thing" comes out. So whoever invented it is moot. It changes, and morphs so often that who invented it originally is irrelevent.

Blues is truely an American original. No question, it's the roots that most Rock Music (at least the stuff worth listening to IMO) derives from. But the Blues is NOT Rock and Roll. So the arguement that since the USA invented the Blues we also invented Rock & Roll is flawed. We just invented the roots, who created the Rock form is debatable.

I don't know that much about what the music scene was like in England in the early 50's. I know there was a Traditional Jazz scene, and a Blues scene as well. But was anyone putting anything out like "Rock Around the Clock" or "Rocket 88"? I'm relying on some of our British friends to help me out there.

My point is, who cares who invented it. Both countries have put out some GREAT FUCKING ROCK! I'm just happy that each country produces so much good music for my ears to enjoy. I hope they each continue to churn out cool tunage. I have lots of Brit faves, and I have lots of Yank faves. It simply doesn't matter who invented it. The only thing that matters is that each country keeps trying to perfect it. The Stones have come the closest to perfect IMO, but nothing is EVER perfect. As long as each country puts out bands that keep striving for the perfection of Rock Music, we are ensured of neat stuff to put on our CD players.

Long Live Rock, regardless of whoever invented it!

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Subject: Re: Who invented Rock & Roll...Who Cares!


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