A rather easy question, methinks...

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Posted by Vacendak on January 16, 2000 at 15:32:44:

Greetings! Don't know why I've started to become obsessed about this thing I'm gonna lay on ya, but I just gotta know! Here it is: How many concerts have the Stones performed over the years? Possibly difficult to know exactly....I started adding up the list in Karnbach's "IORR" book, but my brain started turnin'to mush an I had to stop...just gimme an estimate, and while you're at it, maybe you could take a guess ad put the Stones' numbers next to the estimates of how many concerts ever given by the Beatles, the Who, Zeppelin...about the only bands I can think of that might have surpassed the Stones totals is (obviously) the Grateful Dead, who never really had anything else they wanted to do other than tour, Steve Miller, same thing, and one Charles Edward Berry. Even though he no longer appears to care about his sound, ol' Chuck's been rockin' before rock even existed. Oh, and I guess if you include state fairs, then the Beach Boys gotta be a contender. Ok now, start compilin' those numbers, Gassers!...Rock Onnnnnnnnn....Vacendak

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Subject: Re: A rather easy question, methinks...


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