An accurate barometer?

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Posted by 2000 Man on January 10, 2000 at 16:34:59:

Gazza's post the other night to Roxy UK got me to thinking while I was reading John Perry's Exile book (which you really need if you don't have it) if his hypothesis could work on Exile On Main St. I have stayed awake since then listening, analyzing and relistening to Exile since then, and here are my results:

Rocks Off - I want to keep fucking you, but I can't seem to cum.

Rip This Joint - I want to fuck you everywhere, really fast.

Shake Your Hips - I want to fuck you, but I don't want to do any of the work.

Casino Boogie - I want to fuck you in the library.

Tumbling Dice - I bet I can fuck you.

Sweet Virginia - You're a bit of a redneck, but I still want to fuck you.

Torn and Frayed - I want to fuck you while you wear my friend's old smelly coat.

Sweet Black Angel - So, you're a black chick? I want to fuck you.

Loving Cup - I want to fuck you so bad I'll actually listen to you talk all night if I have to.

Happy - I fucked you, and you fell asleep and I snuck out before you woke up.

Turd on the Run - I want to fuck your brown eye.

Ventilator Blues - After the song above, I'd like to fuck you in a better ventilated area.

I Just Want To See His Face - I want to fuck you and pull my pants on right when your Daddy gets home.

Let It Loose - Please, please let me fuck you.

All Down The Line - If I ask you really plain, would you fuck me on a train?

Stop Breaking Down - Next week after you're done cramping, I want to fuck you.

Shine a Light - I want to fuck you with the lights on.

Soul Survivor - I want to fuck someone, but I'm all that's left.

It works! The theory is proven. I suggest a Nobel prize nomination for Gazza!

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Subject: Re: An accurate barometer?


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