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Posted by Vacendak on January 01, 2000 at 09:07:24:

Greetings, ex-1900ers! Hap-hap-happy new year, decade, milliniwhatsis to ya'all, cheers, and hoping ya got some "Satisfacion" last night.~~~ Now, onwards with the matter at hand.....bring on the friggin' Stones!! Forget Babs (Streisand), screw Sting, balls off to Bono, and the 'ell with Elton!! What the world needs now, is Stones, sweet Stones....get your foot off the brake, baby, and let's kick this next 100 years off with a bluesrock kick in the ass with the funkhouse backstreet poorboy bluesBerry Muddyrock of this planet's (and any other planet that we know of) greatest natural resource, the ROLLING STONES!! Now is the time for blues-based rock and roll to reclaim the airwaves! Yea, 'tis time we took back the FM dial from these whiny "Divas" (ha!), the teeny weinie (ha!) boppers, the movie soundtrack drivel, the new "flavo" Latino wave (W/all respects to Sir Carlo), the disgusting dance noise, and especially the strip-and-sample, drum machine technogarbage that pretends to be music. Signs are evident that such a rebirth of rock, led by older bands, might just be around the corner. While I'm not about to get into debates over the merits of any one particular work, let me just say that recent releases by McCartney, CSN&Y, Santana, Dylan, and others, have had encouraging responses. The cycle seems to be coming back around, and the time is ripe for the Stones to delve into creating a collection of songs and a tour and PPV package that will slam a little reality back into the media and the airtime programmers. All that was old will seem fresh once again, and the Stones' bluesbased odyssey will continue blazing the trail for young guns, extending their legacy so far that their achievements will stand alone as something so unmatchable, no future musical collection passing as a band could ever hope to try reaching for such heights. The WHO (who?) are reportedly going back into the studio,first time in, what, 15 years? CSN&Y are about to hit the road for the first time in almost 3 decades. Santana's all over the radio. Cher (don't get me started), yes, CHER, is the latest danceclub queen. Elton is always on TV, playing in his Beatle wig. McCartney's the latest "oldie" to reinvent himself by "getting back" (to where he once belonged), lauded for his return to his roots, something which the Stones have never really strayed from, despite a dalliance here and there. Wham, Bam, Birmingham...Alabama don't give a damn! Little Rock, fit to drop...aw, baby, won't ya Let It Rock!!!!!!!!! With all respect that` is due (very litle) to KISS.....We wanted the BEST, and We Got The BEST...and on the seventh day,God created the Rolling Stones. And the Earth was never the same...the Stones got the Earth to get some SWAY in its orbit. Since then, its' been the Stones' World, which we only live upon. Now's the next phase, time waits for no one. So spread out the oil, drink gasoline....and get ready for the rebirth of Jack Flash and his merry rogues, bringing their 21st century rock and roll circus to your town soon! Ya caint always git what ya want....but Love Is STRONG! Stay tuned...... Rock Onnnnnnnnnnnnnn...~~~Vacendak~~~

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