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Posted by StonesDoctor on December 26, 1999 at 21:24:00:

In Reply to: Very hypothetic question! posted by Lone Crap Shooter on December 22, 1999 at 16:15:39:

: Any opinions?

VERY hypothetical indeed! The plain truth is by the BEGINNING of 68 Brian was a pretty lost cause;mostly thanks to the repeated efforts of the London Narc Squad....Also, even Brian knew that he just wasn't the sort of cat who lives a long life...So lets say he did clean up and survive ;he still wouldn't have been a Stone, that was a done deal by 68 too. He apparently was really digging CCR at the end there (they are also one of Wymans fave groups too...hmmm), so he might have formed SOME kind of group..altho the mentioned visa/passport problems would have been a problem-ask the Kinks about trying to be big w/o a US tour...Actually the fantasy Ive had is this: Brian still quits in early 69..decides to form a new band. Gets together with Ronnie Laine, Rod and our man Ronnie W to form the New Faces from the ashes of Small Faces: and proceeds to put out several HIGHLY popular albums....Brian goes on BBC and exposes the London Drugs Squad corruption, causing outrage and receiving a pardon from the Queen...MEANWHILE, Keith isnt as wracked with guilt,so doesnt really dip into Mr H as much, so after LIB,Ya-Yas, SF, and Exile, him and MJ have a TERRIBLE fight,the stones bust up and thats that....with Keith forming a NEW band with Peter Frampton,* getting Entwhistle to blow off the Who, and bringing Charlie along. Mick gets to be as bad as Bowie-switching personas and band members in a so-so solo career,eventually ending up playing bad gigs at casinos. Wyman quits performing and becomes a top shelf producer-the George Martin of the late 70's..eventually Brian gets tired of Rod...tries all sorts of new stuff..Jimmy Carter clears him for a US visa, he comes to the states,becomes friends with a TV comic named Belushi, gets him to form a Chicago blues band...wait a second....anyway..thats MY What If fantasy.....

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