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Posted by Keno on December 14, 1999 at 15:53:37:

In Reply to: Re: Re: Ruby Tuesday question especially for Keno posted by StonesDoctor on December 14, 1999 at 15:09:42:

: : Most Stones songs automatically get Jagger/Richards credit for writing. That's just the way it is. Keith and Brian came up with the song, and Brian really should get songwriting credit. Mick did the words.
: Everything that I have heard has stated that "Ruby Tuesday" was one of the first songs that KEITH wrote both lyrics and (with help from Brian) music for...which makes sense, cause it really fits in with the rest of the Keith songbook ("Wild Horses", "You Got the Silver"...all the way down to stuff like "Eileen". Now, as far as the crediting of songs on Stones records, just ask Bill Wyman about that-See what kind of answer you get!

Yes. You guys answered that nicely. To expand on your answers, Ruby Tuesday for me anyway, sticks out perhaps more than any other Jagger/Richards song, as far as the Brian Jones "upcoming problems in the band" connection goes. What we do know is that Mick had nothing to do with writing it (he has stated this himself). Supposedly the lyrics were written by both Keef & Brian at Keef's home one night, its about a groupie the two knew. All the music was pretty much Brian's creation with a little help from Keef.. Brian was promised by Mick & Keef that the song would be credited as Jones/Richards but when it was released, to the surprise of Brian it was credited to Jagger/Richards. Their producer Andrew Oldhan was blamed for this but Brian faulted all three of them and things were pretty much never the same for the Jagger-Richards-Jones relationship, which went down hill after that. So the story goes. I don't know if that is the whole story (you can bet its not) but from what I read it could be close to the truth.

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