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Posted by Shawn on December 09, 1999 at 12:19:23:

In Reply to: Re: Black and unheralded masterpiece? posted by Big Vic on December 09, 1999 at 11:20:08:

It also has the best inner liner of all time . With all of the track by track listings of who played what which I believe should be mandatory on all albums, plus Hey Negrita is worth the price of admission alone. : You forgot that it's possibly Mick's best vocal performance as well. His singing on that album is unbelievable.

: : I posted on Black and Blue sometime back, saying I'd revised my previous lukewarm feelings about the album when I bought the CD version.

: : Since then my opinion of this album has done nothing but climb. I've become kind of addicted to it. I'd now rank it in the top 5. My reasons:

: : 1. Two fine rockers - Hand of Fate and Crazy Mama - that are as close to pure unadulterated Keith as you can find.

: : 2. Two fine ballads. Maybe a bit schmaltzy, but they've not been equalled since.

: : 3. Every song is interesting. Even Hot Stuff, the weakest song on the album, has a unique lead guitar sound. The song arrangements are fully worked out, densely layered carefully crafted - you can listen to them again and again and hear new things each time.

: : 4. It's Charlie's best album. Listen to his work on HOF and CM.

: : 5. It has the best sound on any Stones record. Only Sticky Fingers is in the same league. You can hear every note, and the songs have a unity of sound quality that's missing in most of the Stones subsequent work.

: : 6. The variety of sidemen used by the Stones, esp. Perkins..Mandel., gave the album some flavors that they haven't had before or since.

: : Dare I say it..I might even give this record the nod over Let It Bleed..heresy, I know..but geez, this album sounds good..

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