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Posted by wqb on December 06, 1999 at 04:10:20:

Monday, 06-Dec-1999 03:27:31 writes:

Have a good read.

December Past, with the Stones:

Dec 18, 1943 Keith Richards is born

Dec 25, 1955: Charlie Watts is given his first drum kit for Christmas.

1961 Dec: Brian Jones joins Mick and Keith

1962 Dec: Bill Wyman officially joins the band.

1965 Dec: In Los Angeles, Keith and Brian attend the second Acid Test party given by the Beat associate and writer Ken Kesey and his followers, the Merry Pranksters. Keith and Brian both pass the test which was to sample a man-made drug so new, it had not been declared illegal: lysergic acid diethylamide, a.k.a. LSD.

1965 Dec 4: During a gig in San Jose, California, Keith's guitar accidently hits a live microphone and the guitarist is badly electrocuted. He recovers conciousness after seven minutes. Oct 23: Stones fly to the US for 12 dates, including the Academy of Music.

1965 Dec 21: Publication of pocket book Ode to a High Flying Bird by Charlie Watts. It's the story of legendary sax player Charlie "Bird" Parker and was written in 1961.

1965 Dec: The Stones end the year by beating the Beatles in Record Mirror's first end-of-year reader's poll.

1967 Dec: Release Their Satanic Majesties Request LP.

1968 Dec: Release Their Satanic Majesties Request LP.

1969 Dec 6: The Stones arrive at the Altamont Speedway track just outside San Francisco for a free concert. After a few numbers, a spectator takes a gun and aims it at the stage. He is immediately pounced on by Hell's Angels security. The band restarts the concert, but more trouble breaks out as the Angels run rampant through the audience. Keith stops playing and announces, "Either those cats cool it, man, or we don't play." The Hell's Angels around the stage start to circle the band. With his usual diplomatic flair, Keith notices the burliest of the encroaching Angels and says only, "f--- you." Surprisingly, the posse backs off and the gig continues for another hour.

1972 Dec 2: Police in Nice, France issue warrants for Keith and Anita. They are charged with heroin offenses.

1974 Dec 14: Mick Taylor announces he is leaving the Rolling Stones.

Dec 28: London Records, former Stones label in the U.S., gears up a sales drive to celebrate the band's 10-year anniversary. Some 17 Stones albums will be pushed out under the slogan "World's Greatest Rock'N'Roll Band - A London Recording Where It All Began."

Dec 23: A massive earthquake rocks Managua, Nicaragua. Mick and Bianca rush to the city to find Bianca's missing parents. They are found three days later.

1975-77 [Some lean years, for December, anyway]

1978 Dec 12: Keith's solo Christmas 45, a cover of "Run Rudolph Run," is rush-released. (It was recorded years earlier.)

1980 Dec 27: Mick travels to the Peruvian jungles to begin three months of filming Fitzcarraldo with director Werner Herzog. Due to other 1981 commitments, he never completes his role.

1981-1984 [More lean years for Dec.]

1985 Dec 12: Keyboard player Ian Stewart, the legendary Sixth Stone, dies of a heart attack in London.

1986 Dec 1: Charlie Watts Orchestra Live at Fulham Town Hall album released by Columbia.

1987 Dec 19: Woody plays two gigs with Bo Diddley to launch Ron's nightclub on Miami Beach's Ocean Drive, called Woody's On The Beach.

1989 Dec 2: "Almost Hear You Sigh" video shot at Rawi Sherman Film Studio in Toronto.

1991 Dec 10: Virgin releases Keith Richards And The X-Pensive Winos Live At The Hollywood Palladium, December 15, 1988 on CD and video. They simultaneously release a box set (numbered and limited to 10,00.) >>>>>>

1997-1999 [Note} Bridges to Babylon World Tour
No Security North American Tour
B2B World Tour"2" /(Reschedules)

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