Re: Keith admits to still using Heroin.

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Posted by Gazza on December 04, 1999 at 15:17:42:

In Reply to: Keith admits to still using Heroin. posted by STONES FANATIC on December 03, 1999 at 20:28:20:

: i recently read that in a british newspaper, Keith mentioned that he still periodically does heroin. He says that he's become an experienced "drugologist", saying that he consults a Medical Dictionary from 1903 to help him understand the drug. he said there is no need to worry about him...he doesn't party as hard as he used to...perosnally, this bothers me a great deal. I thought that Keith was really back on track...what a shame.

Despite the fact that he considers himself a drug expert,the fact is that Keith DIDNT say that he still periodically uses heroin...the quote originally came from a "Cash For Questions" Q&A-style readers article in "Q" Magazine in the UK about a year ago..he was asked when he last tried 'smack' and he said 'around the beginning of this (ie BTB) tour' - so we're talking two years ago. Someone had some and he was offered it and tried it. He also said that the drug did nothing for him anymore,and he didnt enjoy it

As anyone could have predicted,the press picked up the story and distorted it into a 'I still take heroin says Keith' story when anyone reading the article could have seen that he said nothing of the sort.

Subsequent interviews in the last couple of years have seen the writer/editor of the interview in question add a few embellishments in the narrative of the interview,using the Q article,to questions answered by Keith on drugs to more or less imply that he 's still a user even though he hasnt said in any of them that this is the case..

Journalists are notoriously high and mighty when it comes to criticizing rock musicians for taking drugs ('its a bad example to others' and all that shit)- in cases like this,its the journalists who should take a look at themselves

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Subject: Re: Re: Keith admits to still using Heroin.


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