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Posted by Sir Stonesalot on November 16, 1999 at 17:54:32:

In Reply to: Stones Next Studio Album posted by Keno on November 16, 1999 at 14:27:32:

: 2) Use only ONE producer. Better yet, just let the Glimmer Twins do it unless they can bring Jimmy Miller back from the grave. The biggest problem with B2B was way to many cooks in the kitchen.

Amen! Who knows better what sound the Stones have in mind for a particular song than the fellas who wrote it. But could Keith & Mick produce a whole album 2gether without killing each other? I doubt it. That leaves the lone producer theory. The Stones should go out and get one guy to produce the whole shebang. Sit the guy down and tell him what they want. This would give the new record a consistancy(did I spell that right?)that B2B lacked.

: 3) Get rid of the session people! Some of their best albums have had very little outside help. Lets have Mick, Keef, Ronnie and Charlie go it alone. Keef & Ronnnie can handle all the bass and guitars, Mick & Keef all the keyboards. Ok, if the need for a sax player comes by, go back to Bobby Keys then.

I like Chuck on keyboards. He's certainly better than anyone else in the band on the keys. I say let Darryl play the bass parts. The guy adds energy to live performances, lets see if it translates in the studio. Bobby Keyes, 'nuff said.

: 4) Keef needs to play his guitar like its 1969 again. Why not? Don't tell me I'm hung up on the "old days", I already know this and back then Keef was at his best. Why not another Let It Bleed? It can be done if they want to do it and we need that good old Keith Richards lead guitar. Let Keef sing lead on just one cut, let him get back to his great guitar riffs of yesterday. He still has it in him, I know it!

I think he could still kick ass if he had a project that he was fired up about. It goes back to the songwriting. They ought to write 2gether again. Or at least bounce stuff off of each other while songs are being written. With Mick & Keith writing songs seperately, the records sound like two solo albums with the songs scrambled 2gether.

: 5) They got to want to do it. You really gotta want to play the blues for it to happen. I think Keef does. But what about Mick? I say forget about these young kids you were trying to impress on B2B. These kids do not buy Rolling Stones albums. Think about your true fans, who do. I think most of us want the Boys to get back to the way it was. VL was an ok album and in

: pointed to the right direction, but it was not the whole deal, just part of it.

This goes back to having the songs that gets them fired up. If they have material that they're all excited about, they'll want to record it, do it right, and kick ass. I think that was lacking on the last album, and it showed.

: 6) No more than nine or ten songs on the next album. For the most part the best all time rock albums have had 8 or 9 songs on them. Same thing with the Stones LPs. Look at LIB. Or Beggars Banquet. We don't need 16 new tracks if six of them are only so-so. I think this is a big key to the next album.

We're in the CD era now. You got 72 minutes on a single disc. I say fill it up if you have the material. If ya don't, then put up what ya got.

It doesn't matter about the number of songs, it's the quality that counts. If the Stones come up with 13-15 solid tunes, then release them. I'm selfish. I want as much as they'll give me.

: 7)Ron Wood needs to be a big part of this album. We need his slide guitar all over it.

That would be great, except I don't think Keef would be to fond of the idea. Keith gets on well with Ronnie because Ronnie doesn't threaten Kieth's status as guitar god. If Ronnie started showing Keith up, the shit would hit the fan. It would be nice to hear some quality lead work on the next album though. Don't get me wrong, I don't think that Ronnie's not capable. On the contrary, Ronnie is outstanding. You can hear flashes of brilliance on most every album he's on. The problem is that those flashes are probably all he's gonna be allowed on any album if Keith has anything to say about it.

: Well, there you go. I really believe they could pull off one hell of an album if they did this. Do you think this is asking to much?....Do you think the Stones just can't put our another great album again?.....Do you think going back to the way they used to record is really that bad?.......I don't.

Obviously the Stones are capable of delivering a stellar album. They are after all, "The Greatest Rock & Roll Band in the Universe". A mediocre album from them is still better than most of the crap that gets released 2day. The problem is that with LIB, BB, EOMS, SF they raised the bar so high that it is very very difficult for even the Stones to reach those heights again. They've come close a couple of times since then, but I don't know if it is possible for them, or anyone else for that matter, to make an album of that quality again.

Good ideas Keno, I hope the boys listen to ya, and kick some ass in the studio.


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