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Posted by steel driving hammer on November 16, 1999 at 17:15:41:

In Reply to: Stones Next Studio Album posted by Keno on November 16, 1999 at 14:27:32:

: 1) Get back to basics. Take a hint from Paul McCartney's new album. The Stones don't need 25 takes for one song. Two or three takes should be the limit, if they can't gel by then go on to something else.

More or less yes, more yes. BTW, the basics
are much easier than techno. Stones ARE just
basic chords anyway, nothing fancy.
I think their advisors will tell them to head in
this direction to be remembered by. Mick and Keith
know this.
Their legacy will bring them even more
together for the next few albums. To be a producer
or an extra mucician, you got to be fucking good.
But folks, they are getting old. It's getting harder
for Mick to do his thing.
But the basics are what they need.
Simpler, less fancy and what they know/do best.
Good thing that Keith agree's w/ Keno and I.
Too Many Cooks, spoling the Goats Heads soup.
No sticking their fingers in the pot.
Speaking of basics, the last blues tune they did
was on Tattoo You, Black Limosine.
Or Had It With You, Winning Ugly or Mean Disposition.
But those are not really blues. They are a mixture.
Besides, Tattoo You was the the only album that 6,
yes 6 songs were played on the tour to support the
I need a drink. Gimmie little drank.

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