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Posted by George on October 31, 1999 at 20:24:09:

Remember those old "revenge of the nerds" movies, Seems like the nerds are the ones who are really into the Stones these days. What the hell happened to the old grow your hair long, F*ck the world and reality too, Stones fans, the ones who didn't give a damn about album sales just wanted to crank midnight Ramlber a lot F*cking louder while anihilating another billion brain cells. Thats what the music was all about, if you're not F*cked up, how can you relate to all that greay music that came from Keiths heroin seeped brain cells. Pompous rich lawyers, assholes organizing students to rig polls, what the hell is going on here? Sex Drugs and Rock and F*cking Roll, you don't understand that, then the music ain't in yer soul.

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