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Posted by keef on October 29, 1999 at 14:59:09:

In Reply to: Re: Re: Re: Re: Storm where do you get your sales figures from? posted by Big Vic (with homework) on October 29, 1999 at 13:02:23:


You didn't spend enough time on your homework, did you. First of all, I didn't say that Elton John wasn't one of the biggest selling acts of all-time. He is!!! I said that he hadn't sold that many albums during the past ten years--and he hasn't. Most of those 60 million records were sold during his 70's heyday. Do more homework. Check out the Billboard charts. During the 70's, Elton released six albums that reached number 1. CAPTAIN FANTASTIC was the very first album to debut at number 1. He hasn't had another number 1 album since 1975. He also racked up 7 more top ten albums during that decade. During the 80's he had NO top tens at all, and only one in the 90's. The Stones by contrast have had four in the 90's and more than half a dozen in the 80's. You lose....

: LOS ANGELES With U.S. record sales of 60.6 million, British singer Elton John now ranks as the No. 2 solo artist of all time, according to Recording Industry Association of America sales figures for August. The top five best-selling solo artists of all time are Garth Brooks (81 million albums), John (60.6 million), Billy Joel (60 million), Barbra Streisand (57.3 million) and Elvis Presley (50.1 million).

: For a guy with only 1 album to sell more then a million copies, it's pretty hard to sell 60.6 million. John also has an unheard of streak of number one songs dating back over 25 years.

: : Wrong, Vic. Do your homework before you post. Elton John has only had one top ten album during the past ten years, and only one to sell more than one million copies (platinum). The Stones, in contrast, have racked up four top ten albums, of which two were certified multi-platinum (two million plus) and two were certified platinum.

: : Keef

: :
: : : So say, Voodoo sold 5 million- then Stripped sold 6.5 million?!?!?!?! Storm's figures are way way off. Probably by more then 4 million copies! That is insane. I saw a whole list of Stones sales figures on this page once, I believe posted by Storm. The figures were so inflated it was unreal. The Stones, for who they are, don't sell albums like a lot of lesser acts. Elton John could out sell the Stones if he released an album of him reading the phone book. I'm not saying it's right but it is true. By the way, the Stones would have sold 1-2 million more copies of "Bridges" if "Saint of Me" was the 1st single. They totally fucked up with "Anybody Seen My Baby" the whole rap part in the middle- that turned off fans young and old. Think about it.

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