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Posted by Sir Stonesalot on October 26, 1999 at 20:28:09:

In Reply to: Re: Exile circa 1977 posted by Ladybear on October 26, 1999 at 12:27:34:

: I am in a reflective kind of mood, and your post brought a lot of memories and observations to my head...

: : Dave Marsh: Tumbling Dice - Because it was there when we needed it, and I still don't know the words.
: Years and years ago I was in a seven eleven way past midnight, flipping through magazines and came across the sheet music to Tumbling Dice. I read the lyrics over and over, commiting them to memory. My favorite song got better when I saw the actual words.

: : Chet Flippo: Tumbling Dice - What a lovely song. It shows why Keith Richard is so important.
: Oh yeah.

: :Paul Nelson: And "Tumbling Dice," an anthem about taking a chance on chances, is probably the Stones' greatest song.
: I love that, "taking a chance on chances..." That makes my day. Beautiful. All we have are chances, if you don't take that chance, you might as well roll over and give up.

: : Ellen Willis: #1 - Let It Bleed - As for Let It Bleed, you can't always get what you need, but then there are those ineffable moments where you get what you want.
: That's what happens sometimes when you take that chance.

: : Who's the jackass that says the blues suck? This is for you:

: : One of the best things about being a Stones fan at thi point in their career is the fact that there is so much history to follow. Glimpses of Bridges to Babylon can be faintly heard on England's Newest Hitmakers, and if you can't appreciate that then you should be a fan of a band like Alice In Chains, who have had a nice, short career that is easily followed by a pinhead like you. If you don't have anything to say, remember that you can choose to keep your mouth shut. Just because the keyboard is in front of you doesn't mean that you need to use it.
: Thank you, you said what I feel.
: On a related note, I just got my BMG catalog today, and they are having a huge sale on box sets. I just sent off for the Chess set, twenty four bucks! And Robert Johnson:the Complete Recordings for 10.98! So heads up to any other BMG members.
: Thank you and have a nice day.

I have both sets that you ordered. You are in for a treat. The Chess Box is incredible, the booklet is fantastic, and the Complete Robert Johnson is one of those, "If you could only take 10 records with you on a desert island...." records. Wait til you get a load of "Love in Vain". Egad! Anyone who doesn't have either of those sets better join BMG and buy em at those prices. They are worth ten times that easily!
Happy Listening!

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