Exile circa 1977

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Posted by 2000 Man on October 25, 1999 at 21:16:57:

Been away a few days and wanted to drop by...

Anyone ever give you Rolling Stone magazines because they don't have a clue, but they were nice to think of you? I got the 10th Anniversay issue from a friend that knows I like "The Rolling Stone(s)". It's got ton of Annie Leibovitz photos, lots of the boys, and some interesting "Top Ten" choices for songs/albums by RS writers. What they said about Exile:

Dave Marsh: Tumbling Dice - Because it was there when we needed it, and I still don't know the words. (Not Exile, because I have a deep desire never to hear "Turd On The Run" again.

Cameron Crowe: Physical Graffiti - Harder than Exile on Main St. and three times as convincing.

Chet Flippo: Tumbling Dice - What a lovely song. It shows why Keith Richard is so important.

Ben Fong Torres: (not Exile related) Memo From Turner - The Stone, alone, lives up to his name. Look out, Dolly, Jagger!

Paul Nelson: Exile On Main St. - The best album by one of the two best rock & roll bands in the world. Aural film noire, Exile is to most records what The Big Sleep and Casablanca are to made for TV movies. And "Tumbling Dice," an anthem about taking a chance on chances, is probably the Stones' greatest song.

Ellen Willis: #1 - Let It Bleed - As for Let It Bleed, you can't always get what you need, but then there are those ineffable moments where you get what you want.

Charles M. Young: Gimme Shelter - The only reason I don't list Exile On Main St. is because this song is the best ever for drumming along with Charlie Watts.

Some of these people have Jackson Five songs on their lists, and J. Geils shows up a lot, too. Ron Wood is well represented with Every Picture Tells A Story showing up on several lists. Obviously a few of these people would take back some of their choices now, but I bet the ones that liked Exile still like it a lot.

Who's the jackass that says the blues suck? This is for you:

One of the best things about being a Stones fan at thi point in their career is the fact that there is so much history to follow. Glimpses of Bridges to Babylon can be faintly heard on England's Newest Hitmakers, and if you can't appreciate that then you should be a fan of a band like Alice In Chains, who have had a nice, short career that is easily followed by a pinhead like you. If you don't have anything to say, remember that you can choose to keep your mouth shut. Just because the keyboard is in front of you doesn't mean that you need to use it.

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