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Posted by steel driving alanis morissette on October 23, 1999 at 19:19:56:

In Reply to: If EXILE had been only ten songs.... posted by Vacendak on October 23, 1999 at 15:19:08:

: Greetings, weekend Stone warriors! Ya know, after reading all the disputes/discussions/opinions/flames/B.S./etc. about EXILE ON MAIN STREET, especially the view that it contained "filler" songs, my warped brain cells got together and caused me to wonder: if EXILE had only contained 10 songs, which is around the same number their other albums around the time contained, could it have been a better album, and possibly better recieved? And which songs would you cut? Here's my shortened lineup: ~~SIDE ONE: 1) Rocks Off ~~ 2) Tumbling Dice~~3) Sweet Virginia~~4) All Down The Line~~5) Stop Breaking Down~~~SIDE 2: 1) Happy~~2) Shine A Light~~3) Rip This Joint~~4) Sweet Black Angel~~5) Torn & Frayed ~~Of course, it would sound wrong somehow if you heard this lineup now, cause you get used to hearing them in the same order. And certain songs see to blend into the following song on the album. Hopefully this subject hasn't been examined this way, I hate to be the last to know......ROCK Onnnnnn....~~Vacendak~~

Wasn't that the first studio double Stones album?
I read that the band was dead broke at the time of
the recording according to Wyman.
I'm not sure about them being locked in the basement
while recording it but it's my kind of sound. IE,
the guitar solo in TAF is so laid back, loose and
should be in every juke box in shitty bar. Hell,
the whole album is made for the bar. But yes, the Stones used to put out just 10 songs
then. I'm not sure why. I have tons of studio boots
of tracks that didn't make it to the finished product.
The best 1 2 punch is on Exile, Rocks Off and Rip The Joint.
Turd On The Run on a B stage would make Lennon turn in
his grave. I never liked the beatles at all. Too bee bob,
goodie two shoe, doo wop lame kindergarden music.

PS. If anyone has Jagged Little Pill by AM,
aren't tracks 1 and 4 good? She has the air behind
the vocals like Mick. You can hear her breathe.

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