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Posted by Sir Stonesalot on October 22, 1999 at 20:13:34:

In Reply to: Re: Re: Keith the celeb posted by John on October 22, 1999 at 13:30:41:

: In most fans eyes, Keith can do no wrong. Jagger "schmoozes" with the celebrities, he gets major criticism from Keith and from the fans. Keith is now doing it himself, I bet he gets little or no criticism. From the fans or from Mick.

: Jagger does a solo tour and gets bashed by fans for risking the future of the Stones. Keith threatens to "cut his throat" if Mick tours without the Stones. Keith himself tours with the New Barbarians years earlier, and gets no childish threats from Mick. He releases a solo album himself after saying he would never do one years earlier. He gets no criticism.

: Jagger primps and poses onstage and gets made fun of by the fans and by Keith himself. Keith is now primping and posing onstage and the fans eat it up. Jagger has said nothing critical.

: Will fans jump to Keith's defense and make excuses for him? You bet!!

: : You are right. Keith has been shmoozing quite a bit.

: : Now will everyone get on him for it?

: : Nah, Keith is God.

If ya ask me, which I know ya haven't, but I'm gonna tell ya anyhow, this whole thing is part of the show called the Rolling Stones. I mean, how do we know this hasen't all been a carefully orchestrated ploy to blur perceptions of the Glimmer Twins. I think they're just trying to create the image of "tension". Either that or they really do hate each others guts, but realize that there is waaaaaaayyyyyyy too much money on the line to let a petty emotion like hate get in the way of reaping big $$$$$$$. IMHO, Keith likes being a celeb, but still wants to be naughty. Mick thinks he has to pose at being naughty to remain a celeb. Or I may be completely fucked up, I dunno, I'm gonna go open another bottle of vino and contemplate further.


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