Re: Why Exile is NOT a masterpiece

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Posted by Vacendak on October 08, 1999 at 17:56:58:

In Reply to: Why Exile is NOT a masterpiece posted by keef on October 08, 1999 at 10:52:34:

You've made some excellent points, Keef, and I'll admit that there are only a handful of songs from EXILE that I would consider among my personal favorites. While there are a variety of different tunes, some better than others, I think the "lesser" songs you describe do make for interesting bridges between the "jewels." I don't know if having these "fillers" should bring the album's worthiness down, because I've heard the album so many times I would be lost--you know what I mean, you get used to hearing the same songs played back to back.~~~Now, I do have a question: if you could take say, 10 to 14 songs from EXILE and make an LP, could you make it a top 5?~~Rock Onnn....Vacendak

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