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Posted by Mr. Ventilator on September 30, 1999 at 08:27:51:

In Reply to: Year III, AS (After the Stones) posted by God and Coffee on September 30, 1999 at 02:16:08:

Hmmm..lots of not-too-nice stuff being posted about how bad B2B is. Personally, I can't get too excited about B2B one way or the other. IMO, it's not that much better or worse than the two studio albums that preceded it.

If you want to pick a moment when the Stones got their soul squeezed out of their flesh, bone, etc (love that sentance!), pick Emotional Rescue. Now there was a truly lame, pathetic effort. ER makes B2B sound like Sticky Fingers. The utter failure of ER is brought into even sharper relief because it came on the heels of the outstanding Some Girls. In fact, up until ER, the Stones had released nothing but excellent albums for over 10 years (LYL doesn't count).

ER was the first Stones record that was truly awful. Regrettably, there would be a few more poor efforts to come. But I don't think B2B is one of them..

: Happy New Year. Make the best of it. The Stones got their soul squeezed out of their flesh, bone, sinew, and blood by the cruching, mashing, grinding, grunting machines of the Dust Brothers, Danny Saber, and several other horseshitmen of the Apocalypse. The result was the soulless, empty, overproduced, self-indulgent "Bridges to Babylon"--a serpent, a beast, a lion, an annihilator of truth, a killer of spirit, a murderous rampaging animal of filth-vomiting kraftwerk, as Storm so aptly puts it, that finally sent the Stones spiralling into Rod Stewart-style oblivion. What's past is past. Today marks the beginning of Year III, AS--the first day of the third year of the post-Stones era. They will never surpass the accomplishments of '93-'95 again. Never. Mark my words.

: I am,

: God and Coffee (necessarily in that order)

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