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Posted by Hands Froze on September 21, 1999 at 12:05:26:

In Reply to: Re: But too late now for earthquake retrofitting posted by Fleabit Peanut Monkey on September 20, 1999 at 00:26:17:

Testing the waters.

: : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

: : Unfortunately, too big an if. It's over.

: this The Storm a' threatenin' my very life today?

: :Since so many fans got mashed in the last crash,

: um....would that be the crash caused by the stampede for tickets over the last 2 years?

: :..... and that will be the end of time and time to end it.

: Fuck you.

: Oh. That wasn't very nice. Hmmm. Er, that's an interesting hypothesis. By "the end of time" do you mean The End of Time, as in, Armageddon? Well, yes, when we reach The End of Time (The Church of The Sub-Genius figured X-Day to be July 5, 1998, and Ed Wood cronie/ charlatan/ psychic Criswell claimed that would happen Aug 18, 1999. What's YOUR prediction?), that will be time to end it.

: Um, what is "It"?

: : Don't kid yourself.

: But I crack myself up! I can't help it! ROTF LOL, and all that rot.

: : Start getting mentally prepared.

: Heavy drinking and copious intake of pharmaceuticals? Well, if you insist!

: :You can seee stars shining from Earth for hundreds of millions of years after they've died.

: You mean people on Alpha Centauri can still see Dana Plato?

: : The Stones died in Sept 97.

: (see Turd On The Run's list of other dates when The Stones Died.)

: They sure rocked like MONSTERS the 10 times I saw them after that. But now that you mention it, Keith DID look a little green around the gills...

: : The tours were just illusory afterglows.

: I know you're just trolling, but DAMN are you an ASS.

: :Move on.

: You go first. We'll catch up later. Honest. We're right behind you.

: (Is he gone yet?)

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