Re: Went to a party... Keith Richards shows up!

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Posted by Marilyn on September 20, 1999 at 11:05:10:

In Reply to: Went to a party... Keith Richards shows up! posted by Frayed A/K/A Lord Voodoo on September 20, 1999 at 09:08:24:

: The title is true. So I was at an the Opening Party for Minas' New York Exhibition at Georg Jenson on Madison and 62nd Friday night. Minas is a very nice, and expensive jewelry designer. Anyway, around 9 oclock who should walk through the door but our favorite Rolling Stone, Keith Richards along with his wife Patti Hansen! You have to understand that this was one of those party's that tend to make page 6 and pictures usually end up somewhere in Vogue or one of those things. Its a who's who affair. The other who's who affair was down the street at Donna Karen's opening party for DKNY, ( think many of the guests hit both parties). In a room already too full of ego's I am happy to andmit that they were all crushed by Keith. The whole room was buzzing that Keith Richards was actually there! So anyway, he made his rounds, talking to anyone that wanted to talk to him and getting his pitcure taken with anyone that wanted to get thier picture taken with him. He was very nice and from what other's told me, it was about the most laid back atmosphere that he is ever at (at a party). Some of the reporters told me that normally you can't get up to him with out some body guard telling you to go away.

: Here's my part of the story. See I knew he was going to be there before I went, so I had been trying to think of what I would say to him or ask him if I got the opportunity. I decided to ask if he was going to do another solo album or tour. So after he had kind of settled in, I went over and said something like, "Hello, its great to meet you, can I ask you a question?" He said something like sure go ahead. So I chit-chatted about the party and how great it was to see him there, and he said "What's your fucking question?" (not in a rude way) We all (me keith and Minas) had a laugh and I asked him if he was going to do another solo album or tour. He said "That's a very good question!" And we all laughed and he moved on. That was it. He was very cool, and it was nice of him to even entertain a music question at a party like this. Maybe I shouldn't have asked but it was something I wanted to know. Anyway, I talked to Minas later in the night for a while (after Keith had left). It turns out that they are very good freinds. Anyway, here's a tidbit for you, Minas made the slide that keith currently uses (not that he uses it all that often). From the value of the jewelry and other things there, I would imagine that keith's slide is worth about $20 grand! Minas also makes some of Keith's jewelry. Maybe the stuff in his hair?

: For all of you obsessive people, (and I say this so I don't end up answering the same question a million times again) he was wearing black leather pants and black beat up boots. A tourcoise (sp?) shirt and a black jacket. And yes, he was out in full jewelry in hair! He also had some silk scarf on, but I can't remember what color it was, white or red. Maybe that was someone else though and he wasn't wearing a scarf. He looked good. He looks old though, but he doesn't look too old. He did not have any cigarettes while he was there and he was drinking white wine.

: That's about it. Those are things I noticed, and he was there for about an hour, maybe an hour and a half. It was a great party! That's my keith story!

How did you get invited to this party? Any pics? Great story, thanks for sharing...Cheers

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