But too late now for earthquake retrofitting

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Posted by Twice Bashed in the East Bay, Most Recently 2 Years Ago This Month on September 19, 1999 at 18:45:35:

Record sales of the Rolling Stones as of Nov 98:

Voodoo Lounge
8 million worldwide, 2.5 million US
(July 97, hard hot sparks flying summer: the butchers still had their meat)

Bridges to Babylon
3 million worldwide, 1.2 million US
(Sept 97, face-flushed flaccid fall: couldn't put a gun in your face if we tried)

From this message board, summer 99:

When Voodoo lounge came out, I thought it was the best album that they had done since Tattoo
You, and I still feel that way today. Steel Wheels was a good album for its time, as it was an
important album for a band that was making a concerted effort to put together songs for their first
album/tour in some time. But I don't think Steel Wheels holds up too well 10 years later--I think it
perhaps could have been mixed a little better. Voodoo Lounge, while to some extent it was similarly
overproduced (although not nearly as bad as what was to come for B2B), still had some really
classic raw Keef riffs. The music on much of Voodoo Lounge is pretty raw and close to the bone,
which was really nice to hear from the Stones after their awful Dirty Work and marginal Steel
Wheels albums.

Agreed. We have covered this subject several times on this board over the last 6 months. Granted,
we are only using our individual opinions, which are all over the spectrum, but the consensus is
definitely Voodoo is the best cd the boys have done since Some Girls. Add the songs from the
Voodoo recording sessions that didn't make the cd, and it becomes more obvious.

Very well stated. I liked Voodoo from day one. A little more "Stones sound" than Steel Wheels. The
last few months I've listened to it probably as much as I did all the previous years together, along
with the outakes. It's made me appreciate it much more than I thought I ever would. If their next cd
recording sessions can come close or match the Voodoo sessions, we have got a winner!


Unfortunately, too big an if. It's over. Since so many fans got mashed in the last crash, the 2001 record probably will sell only 250,000 copies like the unpreviously retrofitted and full of broken bridges No Security and that will be the end of time and time to end it. Don't kid yourself. Start getting mentally prepared. You can seee stars shining from Earth for hundreds of millions of years after they've died. The Stones died in Sept 97. The tours were just illusory afterglows. Move on.

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