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Posted by THE JIMMY WHITLEY on September 16, 1999 at 20:50:36:

In Reply to: Question about "mono" on purpose while recording posted by Honey Roasted Tobacco on September 16, 1999 at 19:41:53:

: On one of the Voodoo Brew or Stew discs, Charlie sais before the song is about to start "Can we have this in mono?"

Charlie is referring to the playback in his headphones. You answered your own question when you asked, "Or do you focus more on the instruments while the playback is in mono?"
I am a "recording artist". If I am overdubbing a guitar or keyboard part the mix isn't that important only that the instrument I am recording gets placed in the center. If I am doing a drum or vocal overdub I have to have the playback in MONO. (99% of the time, as you said it has a lot to do with your focus etc.)

: And, (I know it's not correct to start a sentance with the word -and-) On the Boot called Acetates, it has the last 4 studio songs labeled as "mono."

This is not related to the Mono that Charlie's requested. The last 4 mono songs on Acetates (Brown Sugar,Let It Rock,Bitch and Ain't to proud to Beg(?)) Are final "mixdowns" of those songs. And (I started the sentence with AND) yes you are correct, in THESE mixdowns the songs are done in MONO on purpose. For you youngsters out there back in the 70's when FM Stereo was fairly new, Record Companys would send Radio Stations a "Promo Single" which would have the single in Stereo on the A side (FM Radio) and the same single in Mono on the B side (AM Radio)
I like the album Acetates but I.M.H.O. I think those last 4 songs are a bit suspect because they sound alot like the official stereo versions with a little more treble and put into Mono. (To pad out the rest of the album) I may be wrong too. Sometimes on bootlegs they will use the official version because it fit some theme of the bootleg. For example, I have an otherwise excellent Sticky Fingers Alternate version boot that I swear the version of Bitch and Sis Morph. is the same f-ing version as the official release. The bootlegger must of felt that by leaving those 2 off would make the rest of the bootleg a lesser experience? Later, JIMMY

P.S. Insert your own "Charlie wanting MONO" joke here: : - )

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