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Posted by Reg Thorpe on September 02, 1999 at 16:47:09:

In Reply to: 78 tour back to the roots posted by Scott on September 02, 1999 at 16:36:39:

: 78 tour is a great look at a band playing their music the way they want to.
That's right: quite the opposite of the Stones of today.
: I read many complaints about how the Stones don't play less popular songs, or that woody is not holding his own.
It is tiresome to listen to the same songs live over and over. A few less popular songs spice up the shows for true fans.
: Yaers ago woody had a two minute solo on YCAGWYW, but no more because you people only want to hear the song as it appears on cd.
Suitable for its time: we have enjoyed a Rock and Roll band jamming, but we want to enjoy the songs as they appear on the LP's. Much more goose-pimple rendering.
: If you listen to 78 tour it's a rock n roll band jamming. When the Stones jam woody looks alot better more guitar. As for drug use Keith was a junky through what is considered the Stones best music. BEGGARS BANQUET, LET IT BLEED, STICKY, EXILE. Listen to boots from 78. The Stones were possibly playing thier last time together because of Keith's drug bust in Toronto.
Alright, those are the best albums, but I don't think Keith's drug use has something to do with it. It's his musicianship and talent.

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