Stones were almost a three guitar player band?!?

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Posted by Vacendak on August 28, 1999 at 14:49:34:

~~~~GREETINGS, Stones fanatics!..Recently I was browsing thru the excellent book "The Early Stones: Legendary Photographs of a Band in the Making," (1992) with commentary by Keith Richards. One of THE best collection of awesome Stones photographs, including some spacey pics of Keith and Gram Parsons really whacked out. I've owned the book since it first came out, but only a few days ago did I stumble across some intriguing Keith dialogue. If you have the book, I'm referring to page 134. There are a half dozen pictures of the band at Hyde Park, 1969. Here's Keith's stange recollection:..(Author Terry Southern: "I believe this is the concert for Brian after his death. What do you remember about it?") KEITH:"I MOSTLY REMEMBER HOW RONNIE AND I KEPT BUMPING INTO EACH OTHER. WE WERE BOTH SORT OF WANDERING AROUND BEHIND THE STANDS--LIKE TRYING TO BE ALONE, I GUESS. IT WAS WEIRD,BECAUSE MY IMPULSE WAS TO ASK HIM RIGHT THERE IF HE WOULD JOIN THE BAND, BUT I THOUGHT MAYBE IT WAS TOO SOON AFTER BRIAN'S DEATH. LATER ON I FOUND OUT THAT RONNIE WANTED TO ASK ME BUT WAS THINKING THE SAME THING ABOUT IT BEING TOO SOON."~~~~Yeah, that, and, oh, yeah, there's another guy by the name of Mick Taylor you might remember, Keith! So what, Keith would've made the Stones a three guitar player band (with Jagger's guitar as well)?? Hey, it's worked well with the Allman Bros.~~Vacendak

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Subject: Re: Stones were almost a three guitar player band?!?


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