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Name: Keno
Subject: Poll Post for the week starting Monday, May 3
Date: Monday, May 03, 2021
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Poll Post for the week starting Monday, May 3

Time to get this week’s Poll Post for our 4 weekly polls running by starting off talking about the Stones poll, which enters week 1,135 of voting, and where we continue to rate the band’s songs. This week’s question asks: Rate the Rolling Stones release of the song “Just My Imagination”, from zero (lowest) to 10 (highest)

“ Just My Imagination”, Stones cover song

With the news coming from the Stones camp this past week (Monday), and actually coming from Ronnie Wood himself, that he once again had to fight cancer (he didn't say exactly if it's the lung cancer hitting him again, which he had 3 years ago, or now something else, since he just noted that he had "Small-cell cancer", which most often occurs in the lungs, but can show up in a few other parts of the body, too). But he noted he's already finished treatment with this round, which was diagnosed late last year. So maybe the news isn't as bad for Ronnie as some seem to think. But of course, all Stones fans wish him well! So I wanted to rate a song that Ronnie played on this week for sure, and we're go with (IMO) one of their 2 greatest cover songs that they ever made, "Just My Imagination (Running Away with Me)", from the Stones 1978 Some Girls LP ("Time is on My Side" [the guitar version] is my other cover pick). This one was written by Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong and played by the Stones as a Blues Rock and R&B number. The personal for this tune was: Mick Jagger – Lead and Backing Vocals, Electric Guitar; Keith Richards – Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals; Ronnie Wood – Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals; Bill Wyman – Bass Guitar; Charlie Watts – Drums.... with Ian McLagan on the Organ.

So, what will your rate this one? To vote in this poll, just click on the following link: Stones Weekly Poll. Plus, please remember, the video that is linked to the song at the voting page is there only so you can hear the song before you vote, but it should have no bearing on how you rate the tune, as the song itself is all that matters when we rate only the songs for this poll. But the video is fun to watch for this one, never less!

Last week at the Stones poll we answered this question: Rate the Rolling Stones release of the song “Rocks Off”, from zero (lowest) to 10 (highest)

“Rocks Off”, the front photo sleeve from the Japanese single release

Yes we dig this song, I mean how could you not like it? So with 66.8% of the vote, RO saw a 10 for its top rating. To check out the full results from this poll, just click here: Stones Weekly Poll - week 1,134. Or, to check out the Stones’ songs updated rating standings for this ongoing series, all of that can be viewed at the Stones List Page 5, which you can get to from here: Stones Top Picks - Page 3, List Page 5.

We now will move on over to this week’s Classic Rock Poll, where we enter week 775 of voting, and for this one, as usual, we will vote in 2 different Rock Polls in the week. This week’s first question asks: What was the most bizarre and outrageous album cover?

Beatles, Bowie, and The Stones, just 3 of the 17 album covers that we are looking at this week

First and most important, we aren't asking for your least liked album cover listed this week, but instead, we are looking for the album cover that you feel is the most bizarre and outrageous. Now we did ask in 3 different polls back in 2017 about album covers banned or censored because of nudity, or covers banned or censored because of issues other than nudity, and obviously those aren't what we are asking about this time around (yet some of the LPs listed for this poll, we're listed in those 3 polls, too). For this question, most album covers (but not 100% of them) that just show plain nudity on their covers, weren't even considered, however, sexual based album covers were. One cover, by the heavy metal band Mayhem, actually shows the band's lead singer dead (and his name just happened to be "Dead", too) - after he killed himself by slicing his wrists and neck with a knife, and by shooting himself in the head. Perhaps that one can't be beat in this poll (?) since it has to be the sickest album cover ever (first released as a boot), with the photo taken by the band's lead guitarist, after he found his body in the home they shared. While I show 3 of the bizarre album covers up above, I didn't want to show that one, but it's real easy to find and view if you Google it, just beware, you may wish you didn't view it after you do, as there's a mound of blood on the floor next to his half gone head, that is enough to make some sick, knowing that it's a real picture of a real suicide. In his suicide note, Dead wrote: "Sorry about the mess I left". Yeah, really!... Now, don't get me wrong, there's a few other weird album covers besides that one, and I don't mean to dwell on just one of them. Heck, Slayer’s album cover depicts a mutilated Jesus Christ in a sea of blood w/ mutilated heads under him. As it was, I wasn’t sure which covers that I should place up on top? There are 17 of them listed in the poll, and to be honest, I didn't really want to post any of them, other than the 3 least offended ones (again, IMO) and which we all know well enough. But all of these covers can be found with a Google search if you don't know all of them and wish to check them out before you vote (for the covers that were in time banned after their release, make sure you don't get them mixed up with the replacement covers that ended up being used for them instead). I should note that I did list one back album cover, Nirvana's In Utero, since it was the only back album cover that ever got banned (that I can think of anyway) and viewing it made some upset. Well, that and one of LPs showing up above, Bowie’s Diamond Dogs where you need to see both the back and front covers opened to see the full album cover picture.

To view the list of album covers being voted on for this week’s polling, and to cast a vote for one of them in our first Rock Poll, just click on here: Classic Rock Poll, and when you get to this page, choose “Poll 1” to vote in this poll.

For our second Rock Poll this week, we will ask this VS question: 1960s Rock music VS 1970s Rock music. Which decade was better overall for Rock music?

1960s Rock VS 1970s Rock

Week 2 and more than likely the last week of looking at the decades in Rock music. We could do the ‘70s vs the ‘80s next week, but even your dog knows which decade would win that one in a landslide. But for this week, we really have the best matchup possible, since these 2 decades were by far the best 20-year span ever in rock music. The ‘60s of course saw the birth of what in time would be called “Classic Rock”, along with the first Hard Rock bands coming about, and the first Heavy Metal bands starting up near the close of the decade. Then in the 70s, Rock music was totally on fire, with several new forms of the music taking place. Perhaps the all-time greatest Rock music was being made during this decade. Yet some would argue that, it was also in the late ’70s when the first cracks in Rock music started to take place and show, cracks that never went away and just grew larger in the new decades to come.

So, which decade was the better of the two IYO? Well, let us know by voting in this week’s Rock VS poll, just click on this link: Classic Rock VS Poll, and when you get to this page, choose “Poll 2” to vote on this question.

Last week in the first Rock Poll we asked this question What is the best Rock song about freedom (Part 3 of 3)

We voted in Part 3 of Songs about freedom last week

Free Birds

Very close voting in the final round, with lots of ties, something we don’t see as often as we used to, but last week, other than the top 3 spots, all the rest of the Top 10 was ties. Anyway, the Top 3 songs were Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen (5.1%), Born to Be Wild – Steppenwolf (5%), and Blackbird - The Beatles (also at 5%, but with one less vote).

You can check out the full, final results from this poll by clicking on the following link: Classic Rock Poll, week 774, Poll 1 Or, go the Classic Rock List Page to see the Top 10 list for this poll and others, here, at Rock List Page 16. The list is located at the bottom of the page.

Last week in the Rock VS polls, we asked this: 1950s Rock music VS 1960s Rock music. Which decade was better overall for Rock music?

1950s Rock VS 1960s Rock

It was never close, as the 1960s lead from the start and never gave up the lead. You can click on the following link to see the full, final results from this VS poll here: Classic Rock Poll, week 774, VS Poll. Or, to see the results on the VS list page, just go here: Rock VS Page 3, List Page 15.

To close out our Poll Post we take a look at this week’s Beatles Poll, where we enter week 526 of voting, and we’ll answer this question: Which is the most underrated song on the Beatles White Album (aka The Beatles)

The White Album(aka The Beatles), front cover

This week we will look for the most underrated song on the Beatles' White Album (aka The Beatles). Now, since this was the largest Beatle studio album (song wise) by far - a double LP with 30 tracks on it (plus a 31st uncounted and very short track, "Can You Take Me Back?") (not to forget that the hit singles "Hey Jude" and "Revolution" [fast version] were also made during the album's sessions, but didn't appear on the LP), so anyway, this is more like 2 and a half albums all in one (or if you prefer, like 2 LPs plus 1 EP). So, there's lots of choices here and several of the songs on this one (IMO) were underrated as it was, even if the double LP was still well loved by fans.

So many of the songs on here were about real people that the band knew, and that was the case for several of Lennon's songs, including "Dear Prudence" written about Prudence Farrow, and "Sexy Sadie" was about the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who Lennon no longer trusted and felt was really a phony and a hypocrite after the entire band was told he was messing around with several ladies, something he preached against doing. In time it was found that the Beatles were lied to by the Maharishi accusers and he was an okay person after all. But the song was already recorded and released long after the band found this out. Yet the Maharishi forgave the Beatles and never said a bad word about them. But even Lennon’s “The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill" was in part a true story about a hunter friend of the band who left the studio while the band was recording the album for a few weeks to go tiger hunting (really!), and Lennon wrote about this hunt in the song. Another song by John on this LP referred to 2 other Beatle songs, as "Glass Onion" referred to both "I Am the Walrus", and to McCartney's "The Fool on the Hill”, which Paul added in a recorder for that one part of the song, just as his own song had a recorder on it. Then McCartney wrote "Back in the U.S.S.R.", as a parody of Chuck Berry's song "Back in the U.S.A." and also of several of the Beach Boys songs in general, with John and George singing the backing vocals on this one exactly in the same way the Beach Boys sang. Another McCartney number "Martha My Dear", was about Paul's sheepdog, Martha. Plus Harrison also wrote one song for a friend, Eric Clapton, "Savoy Truffle", which was about Clapton addiction to chocolate and his love for junk food.

"Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da" was a McCartney song that the other 3 Beatles grew to hate, in part since Paul was being too bossy on it while they recorded it. Ringo had big problems with Paul throughout the album’s sessions about his poor drumming (in Paul's view), and at one point quit the band (for 2 full weeks) over this, with the other 3 Beatles playing the drums on a few songs because of this. Even long time Beatle producer George Martin left the studio for 2 weeks, after Paul spoke nasty to him after he told Paul his singing didn't sound right on "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da", and Paul then rudely told him to sing the song himself if he felt his own vocals were off. Yep, the troubles inside the Beatles (and with Paul being bossy towards the others) first showed up during these sessions, indeed. Yet the double LP turned out great anyway! It went to #1 on all the charts in every single major country that it was released in, and to date has been certified 25 times platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America.

As far as a breakdown per song on who wrote what goes, one tune, according to McCartney, "Birthday", was written together (he called it a 50/50 split) by he and Lennon. Plus while "Rocky Raccoon" is looked at as a McCartney song, since he wrote the lyrics, its music actually came from a jam session with him, Lennon and the pop star Donovan. But overall, besides "Birthday", McCartney alone wrote 11 songs on here, Lennon wrote another 13 songs, Harrison 4 more, and even Ringo wrote one song, "Don't Pass Me By". As far as who played what on the album, here is that info: John Lennon – Lead, Harmony and Backing vocals; Acoustic, Lead, Rhythm and Bass Guitars; Piano, Organ, Harmonium, Mellotron; Harmonica, Saxophone mouthpiece; Drums (on "Back in the U.S.S.R.") and assorted percussion (Tambourine, Handclaps and Vocal Percussion), Tape Loops and sound effects; talking, tapes and sound effects on "Revolution 9"; Paul McCartney – Lead, Harmony and Backing vocals; Bass, Acoustic, Lead and Rhythm Guitars; Pianos, Organ; assorted percussion (Timpani, Tambourine, Cowbell, Hand Bell, Handclaps, and Vocal Percussion); Drums (on "Back in the U.S.S.R.", "Dear Prudence", "Wild Honey Pie" and "Martha My Dear"); Recorder; George Harrison – Lead, Harmony and Backing Vocals; Lead, Rhythm, Acoustic and Bass Guitars; Organ (on "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" and "Savoy Truffle"); extra Drums (on "Back in the U.S.S.R.") and assorted percussion (Tambourine and Handclaps) and Sound Effects; Ringo Starr – Drums and assorted percussion (Tambourine, Bongos, Cymbals, Maracas); Piano and Sleigh Bells (on "Don't Pass Me By"); Lead Vocals (on "Don't Pass Me By" and "Good Night"), and Backing Vocals (on "The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill"). Then some of the session players were: George Martin – Producer, Strings, Brass, Clarinet, Orchestral conducting; Piano on "Rocky Raccoon"; Yoko Ono – Backing vocals, Vocal Harmony on "The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill", Backing Vocals on "Birthday", talking, tapes and sound effects on "Revolution 9".... Mal Evans – Backing Vocals and handclaps on "Dear Prudence", handclaps on "Birthday", Trumpet on "Helter Skelter"; Eric Clapton – Lead Guitar on "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"; Jack Fallon – Violin on "Don't Pass Me By"; Pattie Harrison – Backing Vocals on "Birthday"; Jackie Lomax – Backing Vocals and handclaps on "Dear Prudence"; Chris Thomas – Mellotron on "The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill", Harpsichord on "Piggies", Piano on "Long, Long, Long", Piano, Organ and Saxophone arrangement on "Savoy Truffle"; John McCartney – Backing Vocals and handclaps on "Dear Prudence"; Maureen Starkey – Backing Vocals on "The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill"; The Mike Sammes Singers – Backing Vocals on "Good Night"; and plus another 34 session players on Horns, Violins, and Cellos.

To make your choice for the most underrated song on this LP, just head on over to the following link: Beatles Weekly Poll.

Looking back at last week’s Beatles poll, we voted on this question: Which is the most underrated song on the Beatles Magical Mystery Tour album?

Magical Mystery Tour, main cover (L), alternative cover (R)

The top pick chosen by us fans was “Flying”, with 24.8% of the vote. To see the poll’s full results, just go here: Beatles Weekly Poll – week 525. Or you can look at this list page at my Lennon site for the results there: The Beatles' Albums Page , where all of the top picks chosen for this series is listed.

So that does it for this week’s Poll Post. Have you taken part in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame voting? I know it’s mainly a waste of time since how it’s set up, but at least this year there were only 2 rappers nominated, and in the fan vote, both of them, LL Cool J and Jay Z, are in dead last place (JZ), and second to last place (LL). But anyway, this is the last week to vote in all of that.

I do hope all of you all have a great week ahead!


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